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1,748 barrels seized of chemical precursors for drug
[Michoacan Security]
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13/05/2012 - 05:29 PM

Mexico. - Federal authorities said 1,748 barrels of precursor
chemicals used in the preparation of various synthetic drugs, as part
of a joint operation in the port of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Semar

The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) explained that the
substance seized was in seven containers, where they stored barrels
136,250 kilograms of monomethylamine and methyl phenyl acetate,
precursor chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drugs.

The containers, who came from China and whose final destination was
Honduras, were available to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation
of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, so AP/PGR/MICH/LC/074/2012
investigation was opened.

In actions involving elements of the unit, and the Attorney General's
Office (PGR) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Published: 13/05/2012 8:20 By: SUN
US military down with drug network in Colombia
The Colombian newspaper stated that the police investigation led to
the arrest of 12 members of the network, including the American Deion
Lemar Burton, who is imprisoned in a prison in Bogota since last
October. Photo: Agencies.

BOGOTA, Colombia (SUN)
A group of U.S. soldiers was part of a network that sent cocaine from
Colombia abroad and was disbanded after several months of
investigations in this country and the nation's north, said the
newspaper El Tiempo.

The Colombian newspaper stated that the police investigation led to
the arrest of 12 members of the network, including the American Deion
Lemar Burton, who is imprisoned in a prison in Bogota since last

Lemar recalled that Deion was arrested when he tried to go through
the migration positions of Bogota's Eldorado airport without going
through any review, citing its status as a noncommissioned officer of
the U.S. Navy.

"His hustle and his insistence seemed suspicious to an agent of the
former DAS (Administrative Department of Security-secret police), who
ordered the case very closely requisition of uniform. They found 5.4
kilos of pure cocaine," he added.

In giving details of the police operation, the Colombian newspaper
stated that "this was the start of an investigation, six months
later, have 12 people behind bars in the two countries."

The publication revealed that the "partner" in Colombia, the U.S.
military was Victor Manuel Ramirez, "said to be one of the heads of
the foreign network used to move cocaine into Spain, Italy, Germany
and France."

Note: significant

released "The Chiricuas" private secretary of "The Lazca"
Organización Editorial Mexicana
May 13, 2012
Manrique Gandaria / El Sol de Mexico

Mexico City. - In what is considered a setback for the Attorney
General's Office (PGR), the First District Court in the prison of
"The Corner", in Nayarit, release order issued to Victor Hugo López
Valdez , alias "The Chiricuas" secretary to Heriberto Lazcano
Lazcano, "The Lazca" leader of "Los Zetas", who today attributed the
deaths of 49 people in Nuevo Leon.

The release of López Valdez, was given to the contradictions in which
fell the protected witnesses presented by the PGR to support the
charges for the crimes of organized crime with the purpose of
kidnapping and possession and use of stolen vehicles to commit other
crimes .

One witness, under the alias of "Smurf" he said in his opening
remarks that he knew in 2007 "Chiricuas" committed various crimes,
however, in another of his statements, the same witness said that in
that year did not belong organized crime and was dedicated to

For PGR "The Chiricuas" was regarded as private secretary to
Heriberto Lazcano "The Lazca" and after his capture, he remained more
than four years in prison in the prison of "El Rincón".

"The Chiricuas" was arrested on December 5, 2008 in San Luis Potosi
with Fernando Garza Gomez Mendez and Pablo Solano, alias "El Faguas"
in an operation conducted by the Federal Police as part of an
investigation following the track "The Lazca".

The judge's ruling comes after the First Collegiate Court of Nayarit
granted an injunction for purposes, which ordered a review your case
and assess the veracity of especially protected witnesses who
testified against the accused.

"An order was issued for freedom for lack of evidence to prosecute,
on behalf of Jorge Hernandez Martinez and Victor Hugo López Valdez,
in the absence of the corpus of the following offenses: possession of
stolen motor vehicle, use of stolen vehicle to commit of another
offense (and organized crime in order to commit kidnapping,) "the
ruling said.

Although the PGR provided evidence showing his guilt over a year ago
"The Chiricuas" was acquitted of another trial in which he was
accused of possession of firearms and organized crime in the form of
crimes against health.

Until his capture, the now ex-con was the most trusted man in "The
Lazca", besides being his friend, was responsible for criminal leader
buy his clothes in the U.S. and rent to various properties.

Note: this has extensive coverage, an early report

Suman 49 bodies found in Cadereyta, NL
POLICE • 13 MAYO 2012 - 5:53 AM - EDITORIAL

At mile 47 of the free highway to Reynosa were found the bodies of
six women and 43 men in black plastic bags.

Cadereyta Jimenez • The mutilated bodies of 49 people were thrown on
the free highway to Reynosa in the town of Cadereyta.

A report of several bags thrown on access to the area known as San
Juan, was received by the C5 immediately so several units of federal
support forces moved to cover part of the free highway to Reynosa.

Just at kilometer 47 of the cavalcade, were found several plastic
black bags which were on the side of the asphalt.

To revise located inside the human remains of at least 49 people of
which were mutilated.

He immediately closed completely over this road vehicle by the
federal police personnel division roads.

Around 04:00 hours service items arrived to lift expert evidence on
this multiple homicide.

They called several units from the Medical Examiner to move the
bodies to the facilities of the University Hospital amphitheater.

The elements of the support forces were placed between the scrub and
with their weapons ready for action and avoid being surprised.

Note: a continuing problem both sides of border

Criminals invent similar items to the military
In the municipalities of Choix, Guasave and Salvador Alvarado,
criminals who have fallen, killed by military forces wore uniforms,
helmets and boots

DETECTION. Criminals killed by soldiers in Sinaloa, between April 28
and May 10, wore uniforms, helmets and boots, authorities reported.
Sunday May 13, 2012
Javier Cabrera / Correspondent | The Universal

Culiacan. The secretary of state Public Safety, Francisco Cordova
Celaya, reported that members of criminal groups wear similar clothes
to uniforms bearing the Army and the various corporations to confuse
the population.

He said that in recent events have secured three patrol vehicles
cloned as local and federal police forces and a Hummer, olive green,
with a 50 caliber Barret rifle-mounted.

He noted that in cases that have occurred between April 28 and May
10, in the municipalities of Choix, Guasave and Salvador Alvarado,
criminals who have fallen killed by military forces wore uniforms,
helmets and boots. He explained that the case raised on the Mexico-
Nogales, at the entrance to the city of Guamuchil, in which five
gunmen were killed, their clothing was similar to police and military

He stressed that in this, where the five suspects were killed and
their bodies were in an armored van, registration 76-26 VHWs that
caught fire, there were helmets, boots and camouflage uniforms.

The deceased were allegedly part of an armed group that had set up a
checkpoint on Federal Highway 15, were discovered by members of the
Preventive State who were in transit to the city of Los Mochis.

The state official voiced that the judicial authorities of federal
jurisdiction and investigate the confession of the apocryphal and
clothing matched the firearms that have been secured in order to
determine whether ballistics have been used in other criminal events.

Francisco Cordova said that is oriented to the population for any
questions you have about the presence of armed persons can issue
alerts to the central anonymous communication with instant response.

The violence in Sinaloa has worsened in recent weeks, especially in
the Sierra region where 22 people died in a battle for 15 days.

Hummer with a grenade launcher in Sinaloa
The discovery was made during a patrol in the town of Choix, when
armed men fled a military presence
Joan Garcia / Correspondent

CULIACAN, May 13. - Elements of the Mexican Army stationed in the
Ninth Military Zone were in a surveillance tours Hummer abandoned in
the mountains of the town of Choix, which had a grenade launcher
attachment, plus thousands of cartridges.

On April 28, 19 suspected gunmen were killed by soldiers during a clash.

According to official information, military personnel on a tour by
land on a road between Old and Yecorato Homes in the community of
Vinarerías, Choix, when armed men escaped detect military presence,
leaving the abandoned luxury unit.

This is a Hummer H2, Sinaloa plates, which were superimposed. When
staff reviewed 89 Infantry Battalion located the truck with thousands
of cartridges, and an grenade launcher attachments.

The military said three thousand 637 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39
AK-47 rifle, 711 of caliber 9 millimeter, 357 .223 caliber, for AR-15
rifle, .45 caliber was 49 and 49 of 5.7 x 28 to the gun called cop

In the Hummer unit also found a grenade launcher attachment installed
and eight mags, of whom seven are for goat horn (AK) and one for AR-15.

On May 3, Excelsior reported that the National Defense Secretariat
(SEDENA) had been reported that 26 people dead, including three
soldiers, and seven injured had been the balance of several clashes
between the army and drug gangs in Sinaloa in three days.

According to the military authorities, 23 people who allegedly killed
belonged to the organization of the Beltran Leyva brothers that
associated with the group Los Zetas, in the area to fight cartel of
Joaquin El Chapo Guzman.

In one of the facts, a shootout between the army and members of
organized crime had caused the deaths of ten armed civilians and two
soldiers in the town Bamoa station in the town of Guasave.

The Department of Defense said that the violence started last April
28 in the town of Choix, which killed one soldier and four assailants.

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