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Blog: AZ House left Fast and Furious report undone
Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012
11:45 am | Comments

Remember the heady days of January, when the Arizona House was going
to do what the U.S. House had been unable to?
They were going to pry out the truth about Operation Fast and Furious
using an ad hoc committee chaired by Rep. David Burnell Smith. The
committee was to hold hearings featuring local people who could
expose the truth about the ill-conceived ATF investigation then
produce a report by March 30.
You can find the video of House Speaker Andy Tobin's press conference
announcing the committee here. The plan was for Smith to produce a
report on Fast and Furious by March 30, on the "factual background"
of Fast and Furious, the impact on Arizona and its residents, and
whether any state laws were violated.

The move garnered some attention from national news outlets, but the
work never got done this session.
"As the regular business of the House eclipsed all other matters of
the session, it was impossible to generate a report within the
originally anticipated time frame," House Republican spokesman Rey
Torres told me in an email Tuesday. "However, we will soon be looking
into the matter in earnest as the session has now adjourned."

The investigators in the U.S. House have continued their
investigation into the operation, which allowed about 2,000 weapons
to go into the hands of suspected criminals connected to Mexican
organized crime. U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa has proposed holding U.S.
Attorney General in contempt of Congress for responding inadequately
to his subpoenas.
The document explaining the contempt charge is attached, as is a
response from the Justice Department. In addition, today the U.S.
House voted symbolically to cut the Justice Department's salaries by
$1 million in response to the perceived slow response by the
department to Issa's subpoenas.

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