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San Luis RC
Discount migration crisis with African migrants

Over a hundred people from the Republic of Congo who have come to this city temporarily, in order to seek political asylum in the United States.

Tribuna de San Luis
October 1, 2016
By Joel Olea Galindo

In recent days, this city has perceived the presence of families of color from the Republic of Congo, and aimed to give continuity to their trip to the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali trip across the United States, so some of them have seen the opportunity to enter the neighboring country (US) via the Port of San Luis Frontier, because here is less people of the same origin seeking asylum and the wait is less.

TRIBUNE OF SAN LUIS could verify the humanitarian aid that is offered to these people, because just yesterday at the migrant home "Divine Providence", the were given assistance and accommodation fourteen people of Congolese origin, who a day later they resumed their journey to cross the border.

Manuel de Jesus Cordova Bravo, president of the board of the institution, explained that indeed these individuals, men, women and children from Haiti and the Republic of Congo, have come to this city for two reasons.

He explained that one of them is because they have exhausted their resources to continue their trip to Baja California and the other, because they have seen the opportunity to cross into the United States through the Border Port of San Luis, requested political asylum, because here it is less people of the same origin and faster entry.

Cordova Bravo denied that there is a "humanitarian crisis" because the house the migrant has sufficient capacity so far to provide assistance and accommodation to these migrants.

Meanwhile, according consulted unofficial sources, details that are already more than a hundred individuals who have crossed the border, all from the Republic of Congo, which have been attended by the Custom Border Protection's Border at the Port San Luis and funneled later to the appropriate bodies, "where each case is reviewed in particular to determine the possibility of granting political asylum or refuge."

In conclusion, according to a note published in the SOL DE TIJUANA, the Citizens Committee for the Defense of Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans, revealed that some migrants had to pay criminal trafficking organizations $1,500 up to $2,000 (USD) to show the path and the process to reach this northwestern border and the consequences have begun to come to light.


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