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Note: A bit interesting that it CA, not FL which is several thousand miles closer?

They are seeking asylum in the United States more than 11 thousand migrants
Antonio Heras, correspondent | Wednesday, October 12, 2016 11:05

Nearly 600 Haitians found in the Alpha and Omega hostel, also in the SC. Afp photo

Tijuana, BC. Around 11,300 people, mostly Haitians have come to Baja California to seek political asylum in the United States.

Of the total, remaining in the state are between four and five thousand migrants, according to the National Institute of Migration (Inami).

The Mexican government has delivered 14,800 transit permits to these migrants is estimated that about eight thousand have crossed into California, after making application for asylum.

This population is in shelters and support centers for migrants in Mexicali and Tijuana, but according to the delegation of Inami in Baja California, you can not specify the exact number, "because it changes every day."

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In Tijuana there is an indefinite number of migrants occupying a single room housing in the downtown, why they pay $ 20 (USD) per day, while waiting for their appointment in the office of Migration in San Ysidro, California.

The so-called "rooming houses" are meeting places where migrant families live, since most women and children sleep and take some of the daily food in shelters of civil society, especially in the "Breakfast room of Father Chava".

In Mexicali, about 600 Haitian migrants are in the Alpha and Omega hostel also in civil society.

The migration delegate Rodolfo Figueroa clarified that this population has not remained in the state (BC); It is a population movement, in transit, and the intention is to respect their human rights so that consulted the experience of the International Organization for Migration (OIM, for its acronym in English).

Official statistics Tuesday 11 October point to a record of 3,521 Haitian migrants; of them, 221 children, 140 women and 81 men.

During the course of the OIM for Tijuana it was determined to find resources to increase the capacity of social organizations and accelerate the number of people who can cross the border, as 110 appointments a day are granted by the San Ysidro and Calexico.

Mexico representative for the IOM, Christopher Gascon, this quickening not worrying, because they have not exceeded the capacity in Mexico, so far.

He said we need to discuss with the US authorities attention to migrants to lessen the burden on the border of Mexico, because it is a "humanitarian support; our job is to help organize and get "economic resources for it, in addition to identifying structures and organizations to improve and adapt.

He explained that most of these migrants left Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, to go to Brazil where they obtained work visas, but now seek to reach the United States.

The regional Inami delegate commented that this atypical migration will not end tomorrow and will continue to grow, but hoped it to conclude soon and Mexico is "a transit" for migrants.

He said there is flexibility in Inami for migrants who have exit documents, whose validity is 30 days, be regularized and to attend your appointment at the US ports of entry.

He said it is a decision of Haitians, "if you want to take to stay" in Mexico.



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