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Comment: The Mexican people trying to bring back their Human & Constitutional Rights, taken from them by corrupt governments. Under the pretense of "fighting crime". But actually to prevent another successful revolution. Much as the promotion of illegal emigration being used as a "safety valve". It has been a long standing position of the ASR&PA, that a free, safe, and prosperous Mexico is very much in our interest also. A step in the right direction.

Present initiative for citizens to carry weapons outside the home

Organizacion Editorial Mexicana
October 6, 2016

(With information from Gabriel Xantomila and Notimex)

PAN Senator Jorge Luis Preciado, presented an initiative to amend the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives that any person who does not have a criminal record, may have a firearm not only at their home, but also in their business and vehicle for self-protection and defense of their family.

In conference, the legislator from Colima revealed today that these legal changes, especially given the very serious figures of crime, burglary of dwellings, autos and business: 1 million 16 thousand 675 crimes so far this January to October 2016, and not only on the issue of theft, must also include threats, murder, aggravated assault, and rape.

The "dark figure" of crime on theft reaches 93 percent when adding crimes that are "unreported" noted PAN.

Given the rise in crime and armed robbery in commercial establishments, public roads and recently motorists on main avenues of the city, the legislature introduced the initiative so that every citizen can possess a pistol or rifle, even away from home.

In an interview with MVS News, PAN senator, Jorge Luis Preciado, spoke on this proposal to bear arms in private and commercial cars.

"We propose that may have weapons that are not exclusive to the army (...) would have a precise record of who has them," he said.

Currently, the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives only allows a Mexican citizen may own handguns or rifles at home for security and defense (Articles 15 and 16).

The Draft Decree on Constitutional Reform Article 10 states that all over 18 may possess firearms, except for the weapons for exclusive use of the Army.

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