Thursday, October 27, 2016

AZMEX EXTRA 25-10-16


Note: The people of Mexico getting tired of criminals, in and out of government, operating with impunity?
Can expect the same establishment / media hysteria as in the U.S.

Sen. Preciado creates its own 'society of the rifle' to arm Mexico
PAN Senate created a front to support their initiative; calls for a mass demonstration in favor of carrying weapons

10/25/2016 14:02 HÉCTOR FIGUEROA / PHOTO: FILE Cuartoscuro


Senator Jorge Luis Preciado, the National Action Party (PAN), created a organization for citizen support for their initiative so that every person may possess a pistol or rifle in your car or even away from home, in business and commerce to confront crime.

In this way it maintains its proposal for constitutional reform to Article 10 which states that all over 18 may possess firearms, except arms for the exclusive use of the Army.

He announced the collection of citizens' signatures in support of their initiative and put it on a table in the Senate itself. He said he already has more than 500 citizens who support it and the proposal seeking to become a Citizen Initiative.

He also called for a demonstration in favor of carrying arms for Saturday November 19 at the Monument to the Revolution.

Allowing by the Constitution a citizen who wanted to defend themselves when there is an imminent attack on his person, when the action is present and has no other way to do it, because they has the legitimate right to defend their life, heritage and safety. That's what this reform contemplates and therefore have invited fellow associations, "said Preciado.

Thus, Jorge Luis Preciado was presented accompanied by the leaders of the groups as "Mexico Armando" and "Mexican Association of Users of Firearms", and private consultants.

We can not just stop and think, tomorrow that Oxxo will sell weapons, anyone can go buy a gun wherever; that's not the way we need to take, we need to understand, become conscious to do things the right way, "said Raymundo Marcos Romero, a businessman from a private security company.

( Oxxo is a large chain of stores, similar to Walmart, Target, etc.)


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