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Nearly 200 arrested in desert criminal sweep near Tucson
Tuesday, October 25th 2016, 1:42 pm MST
By Phil Benson

Nearly 200 people have been arrested, many of them criminals and previously deported illegal immigrants, in a desert crime sweep in Arizona.

Multiple law enforcement agencies took part in the seven-day Alliance to Combat Transnational Threats operation southwest of Tucson. It was led by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

More than $2 million in marijuana was seized, DPS Capt. Damon Cecil said.

Law enforcement conducted foot and vehicle patrols, arrested criminal-network operatives and undocumented immigrants, interviewed suspects and tracked criminal elements, Cecil said.

"These coordinated efforts leverage the capabilities and jurisdictional authorities of federal, state, and local law enforcement to dismantle criminal networks," Col. Frank Milstead, director of Arizona Department of Public Safety, said. "ACTT's strategic approach creates an environment that denies, degrades, disrupts and dismantles the criminal elements' ability to operate in Arizona."

ACTT leverages the resources of more than 60 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies in Arizona.


Note: Numerous rumors going around about this one.

PHOENIX - Police are investigating after two bodies were found with a wrecked car at a Phoenix home.

Officials arrived at the scene near 31st Avenue and Pierce Street early Monday morning in response to the crash.

Video from the scene showed a black passenger car wrecked into a block wall just outside of a home.

Phoenix fire officials say two victims in the car suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead on scene. Police have identified the victims as Ronnie Orozco, 20, and Manuel Sanchez, 17.
At least one weapon was found in their vehicle.

Police say the incident is under investigation as a homicide. They are working to find any witnesses who may be able to help determine what happened.

Police have said there appears to be no connection to the unsolved Serial Street Shooter cases.

Nearby streets have been blocked off and are expected to remain closed into the afternoon.

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Defense for Border Patrol agent asks to close José Elena case
Details Published on Tuesday October 25, 2016,
Written by Notimex


They argue that murder charge Lonnie Swartz officer should be prosecuted by state or county authorities, and not by the feds.
The defense for agent Lonnie US Border Patrol Swartz, accused of shooting and killing across the border in 2012 teenager Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez in Nogales, Sonora, asked to dismiss the case.
In a hearing before the Federal Court in Tucson, held on October 18, Swartz's lawyers argued that instance lacks jurisdiction to prosecute the matter.
They added that the agent was "standing within the state of Arizona and the county of Santa Cruz, when he fired his gun and killed an individual in Mexico".

Jim Calle, one of the lawyers said the federal government has the authority to prosecute drug trafficking and illegal immigration in federal court.
But, he added, the second degree murder charge against Swartz must be prosecuted by state authorities or county.
Calle said the US federal government had gave up the land from where Swartz shot through the border fence on October 10, 2012 to kill Elena Rodriguez.

"We are challenging the court complaint," Street said, arguing that "implicitly and explicitly" federal government abandoned the strip of land along the US border, known as the Roosevelt Reserve.
This strip of 18 meters was created by President Theodore Roosevelt by proclamation in 1907, in order to maintain the "unobstructed" land that hindered the movement of goods between the US and Mexico. "

At the hearing, federal prosecutors argued that the place where Swartz was when shot belongs to the US government because it was acquired in the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, which was ratified in proclamations by President William McKinley in 1897, and President Roosevelt in 1907.

Federal Judge Raner C. Collins said it would consider the issue and gave the defense for Swartz within 10 days to gather some evidence that privately owned land is within the range.

If not disposed of the case, the trial against Swartz agent would take place in February, after having been postponed several times.


25 / Oct / 2016

Nuevo Dia / Nogales, Sonora

collaborative activities with state and federal authorities, carried out by the City Government to address the 58 Haitian migrants who are stranded at the border waiting to get political asylum in the United States.

The mayor, Temo Galindo Delgado and Francisco Loureiro, as well as staff of the National Migration Institute, attendees of the Red Cross and representatives of the Municipal and State Civil Protection Unit, conducted a tour to observe the situation of the foreign migrants .

In a meeting between all involved in the care of these people, they agreed to join Tuesday 25 with the State Delegate of Mexican Migration to agree strategies joint work that allow greater fluidity at the intersection of these people stranded on the Dennis Deconcinni port of entry.

In his meeting with representatives of state and federal authorities and civilian aid agencies, the Mayor said in transit to the border about 1,200 migrants from Haiti and African nations, which could trigger a adverse social situation, as is happening in San Luis Rio Colorado and Tijuana.

"We must work together to resolve this situation and in the case of the City Government, is providing a place for the transfer of these people so they can clean up and consume food at the hostel San Juan Bosco, but also we are giving them security" he said.

Meanwhile, immigration attorney in the United States, Garret Wilkies, who was also at the meeting, reported that unfortunately many that have come from far away to the border of Mexico, are deported because they do not meet the requirements required by the government to give them political asylum.

Samuel Lozano, representative of a Christian congregation, which has also given support to these migrants, expressed concern to facilitate the process for US immigration authorities expedite the procedures for obtaining asylum.

altruists have brought food to foreigners who are resigned to losing their turn to enter the neighboring country, so they are virtually permanent vigil on the pedestrian crossing.


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