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Note: as always, numbers suspect.

DHS reports 400,000 arrests on southwest border in 2016, up from last year
October 17, 2016 @ 3:39 pm

PHOENIX — The Border Patrol arrested more than 400,000 people on the southwestern United States border with Mexico this fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday.

In a statement, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said the 408,870 arrests were up from about 331,000 reported last fiscal year. However, it is lower than the amount of arrests in the fiscal years of 2013 and 2014.

Johnson said the Border Patrol has seen a notable drop in the number of both Mexican and single adults attempting to cross the border. Instead, more children and families attempting to flee poverty and violence in Central America are trying to illegally enter the United States.

This trend began in 2014, when more Central Americans were caught at the border than Mexicans. The same thing happened in 2016.

Johnson said the changing dynamics along the border are presenting a new challenge to the American immigration system.

"We are determined to treat migrants in a humane manner," he said. "At the same time, we must enforce our immigration laws consistent with our enforcement priorities. This has included, and will continue to include, providing individuals with an opportunity to assert claims for asylum and other forms of humanitarian relief."

Johnson said the U.S. is working with Central American nations — both diplomatically and financially — to reduce the causes that push people to consider illegally crossing the border.

Earlier this month, an report commissioned by DHS said slightly more than half of the people who centered the country illegally in 2015 were caught.

In terms of people, 170,000 eluded capture during the 2015 fiscal year, 210,000 the previous year, and 1.7 million in 2005.

The number of people who eluded capture is larger when including those who escaped detection at border crossings or who entered by sea, which is the responsibility of Homeland Security agencies outside the Border Patrol. Adding those, 200,000 people got away last year, 260,000 in 2014, and 1.9 million in 2005.

The huge drop in illegal entries over the last decade coincides with major increases in security spending, which has reached $14 billion annually. The report notes more serious consequences imposed on illegal crossers during that period, which include jail time.


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Seek to curb proliferation of zika and chikungunya
Details Published on Saturday October 15, 2016,
Written by Editorial / El Diario

The Government of the State of Sonora through its Committee on Ecology and Sustainable Development (Cedes) works on building projects with the federal governments of Mexico and the United States as well as the state of Arizona, to curb the spread of vector-borne diseases.

Luis Carlos Romo Salazar, head of Cedes, visited Nogales to be part of a symposium held at the Technology, with the issue of diseases caused by climate change
He explained that due to the convening of the working group Frontera 20-20 to discuss the issue of diseases and related health problems mentioned global phenomenon.
He highlighted the participation of federal authorities in the Mexican and US governments, as well as the states of Sonora and Arizona in a group that performs works and projects since 2012, which originated from the Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA) following a agreement between the presidents of both countries
"The work you are all related in developing projects for the benefit of the environment and to prevent proliferation of diseases related to climate change," he said.

It that concern for health authorities, are Zika and chikungunya, which developed from climate change in different regions, which has risen from the southern hemisphere to North America.
"The idea of ​​working in this forum, is that academics and health authorities, supported by environmental authorities, find ways to develop projects to avoid the proliferation of vectors of these diseases, such as mosquitoes," said Romo Salazar .

He added that there are other vectors more diseases such as bedbugs, which are also diseases that appear from these changes in climate, it is the focus of this working group forum.


Army seizes 22 kilograms of cocaine precursors in Sonora
Details Published on Saturday October 15, 2016,
Written by Editorial / The Journal

Mexican Army seized 22 kilograms of cocaine precursor at the military security post "Querobabi" in Opodepe, Sonora.
The incident occurred on Friday 14 October, when military personnel revisions, used X-rays and gamma rays in a tractor-trailer and found that showed an anomaly to be inspected in detail found a box with several packages containing a white powder; On performing a chemical test itl was found that precursors for the production of cocaine.
The driver and drugs and tractor trailer were made available to the appropriate authorities.


They were carrying 45 migrants in a truck Photo: Writing ElImparcial
By: Manuel Jimenez | 10.17.2016 6:21
NOGALES, Sonora (GH)

The illusion of reaching the United States led to 45 Central Americans to travel in a unhealthy, unsafe and in a tight manner in a vehicle owned by a parcel delivery company, though they were secured in position military inspection located between Agua Prieta and Janos reveal sources feds.

The sad face of undocumented immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua said it all, as they lost money and failed to reach their target.

Elements of the 45th military zone in coordination with authorities of the National Immigration Institute retained for review a truck with cargo box of the company that was led by David G. A. name, according to reports.

Upon inspection in the case of the unit located 46 people packed aboard, most of them elderly who lacked documentation for legal stay in Mexico.

The group of Central Americans informed the authorities that they came from the State of Chihuahua and were bound for Sonoyta, where they were to cross illegally to the neighboring country.

Soldiers who carried out the inspection made available to the INM 45 people for the formalities and the driver was retained for the preliminary investigation PGR


More coming from Africa, etc. (spanish)


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