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Note: This one close to home: ( A large Yaqui settlement in Guadalupe, AZ. South of Phx )

By lack of guarantees in Sonora Yaqui Tribe considers seek refuge in the US,
Yaqui leader says Anabela Carlón!

Jose "Pepe" Alvarado

Indigenous leaders of the Loma de Bácum publicly declare that the tribe is already planning to seek refuge in the US mainly due to lack of guarantees from the state of Sonora, so affirms Yaqui leader Anabela Carlón who condemned the attitude of state and federal officials who suspiciously and openly only listen to and support the few Yaquis that support the pipeline and who's interests and views are very clear said Yaqui leader Anabel Carlón that are they totally violating their customs and habits.

Because the state government wants it at all costs according to the Yaquis supporting the pipeline and also are other people that have nothing to do with the traditional authorities of the Loma de Bácum who do not accept or support the pipeline.

And so the state and those few Yaquis who come from other towns even the Yaqui governor of them, that they approve all and pass the pipeline through here, but that we will never allow it nor the state government that is supporting it, they can not trample our people, for all these reasons and because we have no guarantees in Sonora we are asking for refuge in the US with our Yaqui brothers in Tucson .

We will knowledge of the UN (United Nations Organization) to intervene and see the grave harm the governments are doing here in Mexico and Sonora.
So I, Anabela Carlón, adamantly declare as the Yaqui leader of Loma de Bácum .


Pinal deputies arrest 3 after chase near Maricopa
Staff Reports Updated Oct 26, 2016

3 Arrested After Chase
Manuel Amador Aispuro, Ramon Martinez and Josue Teran Grandarills

MARICOPA -- Three suspects in the country illegally are now in the custody of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office after leading deputies on a chase Wednesday morning.

Deputies also uncovered 238 pounds of marijuana in the trio's SUV.

According to PCSO, Manuel Amador Aispuro, Ramon Martinez and Josue Teran Grandarills were driving in the area of Ralston Road and Mockingbird Lane when a deputy tried to pull their vehicle over for speeding. The vehicle instead led officers on a pursuit at speeds greater than 97 miles per hour as the suspects went eastbound on State Road 238.

Just before 9:30 a.m., about 15 minutes after the chase ensued, the vehicle suddenly stopped in a residential neighborhood, and all three occupants fled into the surrounding desert on foot.

"The Pinal County Sheriff's helicopter was overhead, and as the suspects attempted to run and hide, their location was called out from above by the tactical flight officer," said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu in a PCSO statement.

All three suspects were ultimately found and arrested, at which time they admitted to being in the United States illegally.

They have been charged with transportation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale, and Amador-Aispuro, the driver, also faces a charge of felony flight.


Private police shoot at migrants on 'The Beast'
Carlos Rocha / La Jornada de Oriente |
Thursday, October 27, 2016 13:14

Chalchicomula de Sesma, Pue. The Wednesday night elements of private police who guard the train Ferrosur in poblano territory, known as the Beast, chased and shot at and Central American migrants when they arrived in the back of the train to the railway station Nazareno, in the municipality of Chalchicomula Sesma, better known as Ciudad Serdan.

It was about nine o'clock at night when the train came from Orizaba began to slow and then they began shouting for the Central Americans to get off the train; they began to run, but a 15 year old boy shot in the foot.

The boy Carlos José 15 years came from Guatemala and was traveling with two companions from the same community, one of them narrated the facts as they sheltered in a house where he was given asylum and then was taken to the delegation of the Red Cross in Serdan where is given assistance to migrants.

"We were on the train then he (Carlos) said we get off and but did not give us a chance to get off; then we ran. I said let's go to my friend that was when he was shot, I ran until I got to the road. I was very scared when I got to a village and asked for help, " said the young Guatemalan.

People in the region found him and asked that what was wrong, then gave him coffee and took him in.
"I just told them what had happened to my friend, the train police had shot him. That's what happened, I told them, "he recalled.

Were he shot in the foot? He was asked.
"Yes, I saw, I was with him three companions were coming. I saw everything that happened after I panic and just kept running and running, I did not mind the rest. I want to know is my friend. "

Was the police dressed in black, which guards the train?
"Yes. He had black boots, all black and his face covered in black and had as a rifle in his hands, "he said.

The 15 year old boy who was shot called Carlos José, is 15 and is originally from San Martin Zapotitlán, Guatemala. Like his partner, who is just a little older than him.

Immigration agents captured him Thursday morning. The police of the State Security Commission (ESC), the State of Mexico, which in poblano territory guarding the Ferrosur train, denied the facts but said that agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) had detained migrants night Wednesday.

But Carla Aguilar Morales, delegate in Puebla INM said that his staff was not Wednesday night in Nazareth and did not know the whereabouts of the Central American boy.

Monday La Jornada de Oriente reported that early last Friday a group of 75 migrants left Orizaba and station Nazareno were surprised by thirty soldiers who pursued them across tracks, the bushes, the harvest fields and on the road.

Only nine of the group that left from Veracruz were able to escape and one was beaten and taken to the delegation of the Red Cross in Ciudad Serdan.


Also: Story in Spanish, of the 4,000, some 85% from Africa or Haiti.

Also: In English.


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