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Immigrant women say smugglers raped them
Posted: Friday, January 18, 2013 10:16 pm
Jacqueline Armendariz | Twitter: @jarmendariz
Posted on January 18, 2013
by Jacqueline Armendariz

FALFURRIAS — U.S. Border Patrol said two illegal immigrant women, one
who traveled through Falfurrias and another who went through Hidalgo,
recently reported they were raped by human smugglers, a news release
On Tuesday, Border Patrol encountered a woman from Honduras who said
she was raped by three male smugglers at a stash house near Hidalgo
on Jan. 6.
Agents assigned to the Kingsville station found her in the brush and
took her to a Kingsville hospital for evaluation.
Border Patrol said they also found an El Salvador woman who said she
was raped at gunpoint by smugglers when she became separated from a
group of about 20 immigrants. They were being led through the brush
around the Falfurrias checkpoint, she said.
She was left behind with another immigrant man who took care of her
after she became faint and could not keep up, Border Patrol said.
Border Patrol found the immigrants Jan. 6. Agents provided medical
assistance and the woman was interviewed by the Brooks County
Sheriff's Office. A report about the rape allegation was also filed,
Border Patrol said.

Note: following from Nogales area

federals ambushed with heavy weapons
Details Published on Friday 18 January 2013,
Written by Roberto Quintero / The Journal

A Federal Police patrol vehicle completely destroyed and two agents
injured was the preliminary balance of a shootout occurred Thursday
afternoon in this area.

Minutes after 17:00 pm the Federal Police patrol marked No. 12,726,
apparently with two agents on board, was ambushed off the south of
this town by suspected gunmen who fled After the attack, towards
Esqueda area.
Unofficially, it was reported that agents with direction to Nacozari
circulated when they were attacked with heavy weapons by various
subjects, and the moving unit and injured fell from it.
Meanwhile, the attackers left the van in which they moved meters
ahead and set it on fire. They escaped aboard other units, which were
not identified.
The place was guarded by police officers of all municipal
corporations including Agua Prieta and Nacozari and state of
operational bases nearby. Meanwhile, experts of the Attorney General
in the State undertook to gather evidence for analysis.
Data thus closing was handled with extreme secrecy by authorities.

Grenade Found in Chula Vista
Details Published on Friday 18 January 2013,
Written by Cesar Barragan / The Journal

Ensure military explosive device known as the 'pineapple'.

A woman and her daughter, residents of the colony Chula Vista, found
an active grenade when collecting firewood in a vacant lot located on
Calle Loma Linda yesterday afternoon.
Mexican army troops, explosives experts, ensuring the device
performed one hour after location, being transferred to the 45th
Military Zone, under appropriate security measures.
According to official reports the emergency call was made to the
number 066, around 14:00 pm by a woman who reported finding a grenade
when collecting firewood with her 9 year old daughter, near her home.
When the elements arrived Municipal and State Preventive Police, who
placed the explosive and kept secured the area until a military
person arrived at the site

An explosives specialist uniformed Sedena equipped with a shielded
bag approached the place where the fragmentation grenade known as
"pineapples", and picked it up to place it in the bag.

It was less than a minute to military personnel arrived, took the
device and left the area.

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