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Note: Called Reservistas in Chih. But like law enforcement in much
of the country, very poorly armed or trained.

Insists Higuera on Rural Guardians
Mayor Alejandro Higuera.
El Sol de Mazatlan
January 5, 2013
Ana Lidia Aviles

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. - It is not a falsehood that village guards exist
when needed in some communities because of the problems of violence
that still prevail in the Sierra, as the groups formed by villagers,
is an action that is marked in Organic Law of the Armed Forces.

He made it clear above, mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna, after asked
his opinion, responding to the statements expressed by some
representatives of different sectors of the city: that Sinaloa is not
the Old West to seek rural guards.

He stressed that these groups already exist in 21 states in the
country, operating attached to the Organic Law of the Ministry of
National Defense? and that are made by an official who is responsible
for a platoon of 11 persons that can be paid by the Mexican Army.

He stated that the institution is composed of combat units and
service in special fields, as they are rural defense corps made up of
civilians who live in communities that are trained and armed by the
Mexican Army.

He recalled that the Organic Law of the Mexican Army and Air Force
occurred on December 26 and was published in 1886 by the Congress of
the Union in the Official Journal, and is marked in Article 117, the
defense corps rural formed with volunteers who are Mexican
ejidatarios, and are tasked to cooperate with the troops on the
activities carried out when required by the military.

"These forces are in 21 rural states in the country and working and
subject to be discussed is whether or not to apply, but there is an
occurrence or the mayors of the municipalities of Mazatlán and
Concordia and who should think a little research is question, "he said.

Higuera, finally added that per Article 116 rural defense bodies are
permanently armed units organized, equipped and trained by the
Mexican Army.

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