Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AZMEX I3 5-1-13

AZMEX I3 5 JAN 2013

Note: The El Paso corridor continues to be very successful. If not,
there would not have been the bloody fight for control of it. Janos
is SW of El Paso.

600 stranded travelers in Janos, mostly migrants
By: Ilse Lara | 04-Jan-2013 12:29

Six hundred people, including drivers, trailers and mostly migrants
are stranded in the town of Janos, said civil protection coordinator
Luis Lujan.

Most people have they been housed in the Municipal Gym of Janos,
where they receive hot food, mattresses and blankets with which they
could protect themselves from the cold during the night of Thursday
and Friday, because the stretch of highway closed Janos-Agua Prieta
to San Luis due to ice accumulation on the asphalt.

Ciudad Juarez is the town that is most affected by the winter storm,
which hit the 67 municipalities of the state.

He announced that during the winter season and so far six people have
died in the state, four from hypothermia of these two were in the
city of Chihuahua and two in the town of Uachochi, the other two
deaths occurred in Ciudad Juarez and were due to carbon monoxide
poisoning in one case and burns.

Lujan Peña admitted that there are passengers who have been stranded
at bus stations in Juarez and Chihuahua and other airport in Juarez,
but noted that these are not in the same emergency situation that
people are being treated at Janos , "here if you can not leave the
plane or take the bus to return to their homes with their families,
are in a place where there heating can food acquired, are other

The civil protection coordinator, announced that during the snowstorm
Thursday afternoon were three road accidents in areas where it had
closed circulation system and ambulances URGE battled to get to the
sites where they reported the wounded, by the refusal of the federal
police to allow the passage of vehicles with paramedics. "We need to
raise awareness, to emergencies everyone has to put the batteries. We
had much haggling with the federal police but eventually walked to
meet the injured persons, in total there were 8 or 9, and some were
will be put into federal police patrol vehicles. "

This Friday starting at 11:00 am most road sections that were closed
and only reopened preventively maintained road closures Janos-Agua
Prieta by steep slopes and blind curves that has the leg to the
Puerto San Luis.

Lujan said Peña shelters remain open statewide in the case of Ciudad
Juarez are running four of them where people are still arriving from
Thursday afternoon. In the case of the Hostel located in Anapra,
remains filled with about a hundred people.

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