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Alleged smuggler busted after asking BP agents for directions
Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013 3:18 pm | Updated: 9:32 am, Sat Jan
12, 2013.
Nogales International |

Note to drug smugglers: If you get lost while hauling a pot load,
it's probably best to ask directions from someone other than the
Border Patrol.
A 21-year-old U.S. man learned that lesson the hard way on Thursday
night after he approached agents from the Sonoita Station while
hauling a stack of lumber in the back of a pickup truck, a Tucson
Sector news release said.

Mexican navy finds 3 tons of pot, grenade launcher near Falcon Lake
Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013 9:22 pm
Posted on January 11, 2013
by Jacqueline Armendariz

Mexican authorities made several arrests after more than three tons
of marijuana and a grenade launcher were seized on a ranch about 100
miles west of Reynosa, Mexican authorities said Friday.
The Mexican navy said three suspects were detained when an air patrol
discovered the drugs. Officials found 343 packages, weighing about 22
pounds each, on the property in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamps., which
is near Falcon Lake.
The suspects, drugs and weapons are now under the purview of a
federal prosecutor in Reynosa, authorities said.

Note: a disaster in Sonora

Train derails loaded with beer
Details Published on Friday 11 January 2013,
Written by Cesar Barragan / The Journal

Dumped six cars, next to the ejido El Cibuta, leaving millions in
losses and damages.

A train headed to U.S. loaded with beer derailed yesterday morning at
the 249 km marker, six wagons with more than 40 tons of goods each
turned to the side of the tracks, recorded huge losses and damage to
private property.
According Ferromex staff, the incident took place around 05:00 hours
when the locomotives 3750 and 4015 and dozens of cars for export beer
to the United States, near the ejido derailed. Near ejido El Cibuta
to 249 kilometer.

Engineers who were responsible for the movement of wagons to be noted
authorities who determine Ferromex SCT and what was the reason that
caused the incident, but assume it was a broken rail which caused the

The place went Federal Police officers who guarded the goods until
the arrival of the railway authorities and cranes that began with the
work of removing the wagons and other parts of the train that were
destroyed in the crash.
Indicated that wrecked wagons were six each with about 40 tons of
cargo, which would be removed, with special cranes, for the rest
continue to its destination.
In the scene present authorities indicated that skilled workers
until the wagons are removed and roads are rebuilt, expect delays
during the first few minutes of the day, the circulation will resume
and continue their journey to neighboring land .
The authorities present merely noted that the losses of the incident
were millions but could not specify the exact amount. Also showed
extensive damage to the ranch where overturned the wagons.

Pacific Queen asks to be withdrawn drug charges
The Mexican said a U.S. federal judge that prosecutors committed
"falsehoods" for his extradition from Mexico

MIAMI, Jan. 11. - Mexico's Sandra Avila, known as "The Queen of the
Pacific", today asked a federal judge to drop the drug charges that
accused the U.S. government, because the prosecutor committed
"falsehoods" for extradition of Mexico,

The lawyer for the Mexican drug trafficker alleged, Stepehn Ralls
said in an interview that the request to the judge Michael Moore
alleges that "the information given to the Mexican government
prosecutors knew was false or that it was false when the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs gave the order for extradition. "

Avila Beltran, 52 years old, was extradited from Mexico last August 9
and pleaded not guilty in federal court in Miami on charges of
conspiracy to import cocaine and conspiracy to distribute the drug in
the United States.

Ralls said the prosecution based its extradition request, among other
tests, in a telephone call intercepted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement
Agency (DEA), which eventually took his client.

"This is an interpretation in which nothing is said," said Ralls, who
admitted that in conversation they talk Juan López Correa, a
government informant, Juan Diego Espinoza, boyfriend Ávila Beltrán,
and the very sharp.

Ralls said "it is very likely that the Mexican government had agreed
to extradition if he had known of the falsehoods."

U.S. Prosecutors must respond to the motion of the lawyers of "The
Queen of the Pacific" who is being held without bail. Judge Moore
must decide on it later.

The trial is scheduled to start next February 24, after being
postponed from last September 24 on several occasions.

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