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Note: A look at the panic of the ruling class at the thought of the
peasants and workers being armed. Much like north of the border.

Push for "civil guards"
Higuera arm Avala mountain villages
Mazatlán Mayor ensures that the figure of civilians trained and
qualified with weapons in the Sierra give reassurance to residents of
Joseph Abraham Sanz

Alejandro Higuera Osuna, Mayor of Mazatlan
Photo: Northwest.

Disapprove defense weapons for rural
There is no control in the mountainous area: Mayor
Enable by the Army with weapons and trained in its use for the
inhabitants of the mountain is a proposal endorsed Alejandro Higuera
Osuna Mayor, arguing that the area of ​​the high country that no
one can cover one hundred percent of its size and topography.

The Mayor said, without citing a specific case, that such programs
already exist in the country and that would calm the population of
the mountain area.

"The Army works well in various parts of the country, is not new.
Would be nice to be implemented in the state

Sinaloa, "he said.

After multihomicidio in The Los Platanar Ontiveros in the mountains
of Concordia, the Mayor of this municipality, Eligio Medina Rivers,
suggested in recent days that it should be arming the people of the
mountainous area to fend off the onslaught of organized crime sheaves .

Yesterday, Higuera Osuna said as mayor once attended Army groups who
came for training to Mazatlan.

"I was struck by the uniform, I was struck by their age and I asked
the question to General, 'and these

who are they? ' Are ejidatarios, are members of a people that the
Army trains, the trains, they have license to use weapons and their
role is to protect their communities, as a policeman. They are
trained by the Army, I do not know the specific concept, but I know
it exists, "he said.

"It would be prudent, I would favor as mayor, in my rural mountain
communities, which through the Army Could we implement this program
for locals, especially in places
where ejido members are leaders, are the board that the Army trains,
trains, given weapons and are under the command of the Army without
being military. "

Did you ask?

That would be a good message, and do it in advance with our trustees
and commissioners.

In the hills of La Noria, because we have an Army base, no
interaction with trustees and curators, trying to bring peace,
harmony and tranquility.

Beforehand already do, and if we can take that step of enabling
community members, ejidatarios, having use of firearms, that are
trained and trained by the Army, I think that would give us much more
calm and confidence to the people.

Higuera Osuna is stressed that that was not enough the military and
law enforcement in those areas, but rather is a problem with

"Territorially are places which by its nature is very difficult
typographic away and roads and orography, the power to be 100, is a
matter of topography, territorial extension," he said.

Would not that be too risky?

In everything there is a risk in life, how to make a building and
someone from committing suicide.

Mazatlán Mayor said does not know how to start a formal request with
a program but stressed that he would be willing to accept a similar

In 2012, the terror and the violence in the mountainous area of ​​
the state forcibly displaced 3000 families
of villages in seven municipalities to municipal or larger cities.

"Arming settlers would bring more violence"
Lawyers, social leaders, and Church authorities reject the proposal
to arm the highlanders to protect the sheaves, as this would generate
more violence
Northwest / Writing

Unfeasible arming mountain villages, says Córdova
Unfeasible arming mountain villages, says Córdova
They refuse to be the solution
'Weapons could be within the law'
'You fight violence with violence'
Higuera arm Avala mountain villages
It is not practicable to arm people: SSP
Authorities, lawyers and the Church rejected and considered unviable
as a "grave error", the proposal by the Mayors of Concord and
Mazatlan pabladores arming the highland communities insecure.

Luis Alfonso Bojorquez Bojorquez, president of the Association of
Sinaloa Federation, also sued the government not to neglect their
responsibility, as is required to provide them security.

"Do not arm the people, because that would create more violence than
we have," he explained, "would be a mistake, that's what the police,
as the Municipal, State and Federal, to support; arming the people
would be serious mistake. "

He emphasized that if the municipal authority can not with the
package of insecurity prevailing in the communities, should call for
help to the State Government.

To Francisco Manuel Cordova Celaya, Secretary of Public Security in
Sinaloa, it is understandable how they feel Mayors south, where
violence has settled in their rural communities, but arming civilians
for self-defense is a viable proposal.

"We do not see how it is feasible to arm these people to begin with
we are in a police certification program, precisely so that no armed
men in the streets," the state official said.

Besides, who determines who will assemble: the Secretariat, the
Municipality, the Army?, Questioned.

The Diocese of Culiacán ruled by posing serious and responsible
solutions, as if arming civilians to fight the sheaves were the
solution, this measure had been implemented for some time.

"Not only is local issue, or a body or saw. Come worldwide. Mankind
has witnessed how having a gun in the hands or the possibility that
owns, is catastrophic, that is not the solution to the problems,
"said Father Esteban Robles, a spokesman for the Diocese of Culiacán.

On the afternoon of December 24, in the community of El Platanar
Ontiveros, Concordia, nine of its inhabitants were killed by an armed

Given the tragic situation, Mayor Eligio Medina Rios of Concordia
raised the call to arm the inhabitants of the mountainous area for
self-defense, which was endorsed Wednesday by the Mayor of Mazatlan,
Alejandro Higuera Osuna.

Increase violence refugees

190 people increased the list of refugees from the highlands of
Concordia and Mazatlan, by violence resurfaced in the region in days
gone by, Millan announced Araceli Velarde.

Given the consequences that could stop the violence, some children
and adults will be supported by psychologists Municipal Institute of
Women and local DIF, said Director of Municipal Social Welfare.

"There are mothers who express concern us because there were children
who witnessed this situation and have no emotional stability in the
night," said Director of Municipal Social Welfare.

Communities 'displaced'

- Zaragoza (Concordia)

- Aguacaliente of Zapote (Concordia)

- El Zapote de La Noria (Mazatlan)

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