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Note: Absolute terror in ruling class at thought of the peasants and
workers being armed. First they might fight NGO crime, and then even
GO corruption? Opposition coming out from under every rock of the
establishment. This been getting a lot of media in Sinaloa last few

Governor rejects arming civilians
Says does not share expressions made ​​by the Mayors of Mazatlan
and Concordia
Ivan Camacho Reyes
01.05.2013 | 11:14 a.m. =

Mayor defends plan of self defense AHO
CUBIRI DE LA LOMA, Sinaloa. - Governor Mario Lopez Valdez rejected
the proposal of some Mayors southern Sinaloa to arm civilians to
defend themselves against crime and would not help solve the security
problem that exists in the area mountain.

Visiting the community of Loma Cubiri in the municipality of Sinaloa,
the state governor said he does not share the expressions of the
mayors of Mazatlan and Concordia because of what it is to struggle
because they do not come more U.S. arms.

"The road is that the Mexican state in its three levels of government
to fulfill its functions, the Federation doing its part, the State
doing its part and municipalities making theirs, I think police
bodies are the only ones to be armed, we are to fulfill our
responsibility to combat criminals and have a preventive strategy,
"he said.

Lopez Valdez said that they are in the process of creating an elite
police rural area which would be fulfilling the wish that is
reflected in the expressions of Mayors.

The problem, he said, is that Sinaloa is a state with a geography
that favors criminal groups because they get to the mountains and the
authorities can not be on every corner.

"Violence can not be solved with violence": ATTORNEY GEN
Gabriela Soto
Friday January 4, 2013

mayors proposed weapon for people
The prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez said that "violence can
not be solved with violence," and said that arming the population "is
not the way" to return to the safety of the mountainous area affected
by narcos.

The mayors of Mazatlan and El Rosario, Alejandro Higuera Osuna
Zatarain and Edgar Gonzalez, respectively, suggested arming the
population of sinaloenses under the scourge of the gunmen.
"Definitely (the) violence can not be solved with violence. There
has been research work as things are resolved. There have been
government has been order has been legality, there has been impunity.
I think this is the way. Laws are made precisely to regulate the
conduct of human beings, "said the prosecutor.

Given the experience of other countries and in Mexico, it is not
feasible to acquire weapons because of the risks.

"... I think you have to see what happens in other places, where
there has been the permissibility of possessing firearms. I think
when here Constitutionally allowed to have firearms, a gun in your
home, but not outside for the exclusive use of the Army, also brought
risks that why? Because there are pressure situations where you can
choose to have more things than that instrument. It was not the
solution. The legislature removes it, and states that no gun
possession at home because it is illegal. I think it has been a legal
advance and must be kept in the same circumstances in which it is

Expert's new director
Today the Prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez was sworn to José
Alfredo Angulo Armenta as the new Director of Investigations,
Criminal Investigations and Forensic Services of the State Attorney.

Yesterday his predecessor, Daniel Gonzalez, resigned that post.
Higuera Gomez did not set out the reasons.

Armenta Angulo is chemical-drug-biologist, with different courses of
forensic medicine, criminology, forensic dentistry and expert
training, a career path since 1961 within the PGJE, the prosecutor

Note: no details on hardware. Wonder if los zetas have some cash to
buy some?

Egypt Seizes U.S.-Made Missiles Destined for Gaza
by Naharnet Newsdesk 04 January 2013, 12:45

Egyptian security forces have seized U.S.-made anti-tank and surface-
to-air missiles destined for Gaza, where militants have said they
would acquire more weapons to use against Israel, security officials
said on Friday.

The officials said six missiles were found hidden in the Sinai, which
borders both the Gaza Strip and Israel, after security forces were
tipped off to the hiding place.

Sinai, a scarcely populated peninsula home to both lucrative tourist
resorts in the south and shadowy Islamist militants in the north, is
a major transit point for arms smuggling to Gaza.

The Islamist Hamas rulers of the Palestinian enclave had said they
would continue to acquire weapons after agreeing an Egyptian-brokered
ceasefire with Israel in November that ended an eight-day conflict.

The militants have acknowledged receiving missiles from Israel's arch
for Iran, and are thought to have improved their arsenal with
smuggled weapons from Libya, which borders Egypt to the west.

Egypt has sought to crack down on smugglers' tunnels to Gaza, with
limited success.

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