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Note: Don't forget that tons of precursor chemicals from our friends in China have been intercepted in Mexican ports. Many other tons, of course, not stopped.

US Embassy endorses cooperation with Merida Initiative
Copywriting | Friday, 10 Mar 2017 13:04


Mexico received three UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters under the Merida Initiative, in file image. Photo

Mexico City. The US government has donated nearly $ 900,000 worth of personal protective equipment to Mexico's security forces, such as suits, gloves and masks, to help dismantle and destroy narco laboratories, the northern country's (USA) embassy reported.

They added that the material will be distributed to the security forces located along the Pacific coast, where most of the clandestine laboratories are located,

They emphasized that the donation is part of the Merida Initiative and is part of the extensive bilateral collaboration to attack the manufacture and distribution of synthetic drugs and chemical precursors carried out by criminal organizations.

Also the representative of the country of the north indicated that personnel of its government exchanged information with its members of the Secretariat of the National Defense, the Attorney General's Office, the Federal Police, the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks, the Administration of Customs and the Secretariat of Navy.

Mexican officials received training on how to safely investigate and dismantle clandestine laboratories.

In a statement, we reaffirm the commitment of our government to work with Mexican authorities to improve the ability to confront the shared challenge of halting the production and distribution of synthetic drugs.


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