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Note: might want to read this one a couple times.
For those not familiar with the area, it is on the west side of I-10, roughly between Marana and Tucson.
Conveniently located near the the Ironwood NM, the Tohono O'odham Nation, and the Altar Valley.
Area with a long history of drug and human trafficking.

Cache of weapons found in Picture Rocks at home of man on probation, officials say
Posted: Mar 15, 2017 12:01 PM MST
Updated: Mar 15, 2017 12:46 PM MST
Written By Lupita Murillo

PICTURE ROCKS - A routine search of a probationer's house turned out to be the largest weapon seizure in recent history for the Pima County Adult Probation Department.

Officers said there was enough firepower to outfit a small army.

Hand guns, rifles, ammunition, and an empty hand grenade were found on the Picture Rocks property where Michael Ninnemann lives, officers said.

Steve Armenta, unit supervisor for the Adult Probation Department, told News 4 Tucson "Until you see it, you can't imagine somebody can amass that amount of weapons and ammunition."

More than 100 firearms were seized, including high-powered rifles, and a magazine round. Officers also found several pounds of marijuana. It was located in a plastic container topped with tortillas. Officers said it's to keep the pot moist.

Armenta added, "It's mind blowing, all the officers, ATF agents, everybody was in awe of the amount of weapons."

(Also very interesting)
Ninnemann is on probation on Minnesota drug charges but he's serving his five-year probation in Arizona because he's from here.
He was sentenced eight months ago.

Arementa said, "We had received information that he was possibly involved in some criminal activity."
The probation officer handling the case said they had some idea he had weapons but never imagined there were this many.
Armenta added, "As probation officers, we do random home visits. It's tough for us because we know we are dealing with felons on a daily basis."

Neighbors were shocked to discover a cache of weapons near her home.
"That's a lot of weapons for one person to have especially if he's on probation," said a mother of two.
Another added, "I think it's kind of scary that something like that is possible."
"It puts everybody in the community at risk," Armenta said.

Ninnemann may also face theft charges as some of the weapons may have been stolen.
He posted a $25,000 bond, and will get a day in court to face the charges.


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