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Catch a criminal gang in Yaqui Valley
PESP Newsletter

Bácum, Sonora; On March 12, 2017. The State Public Security Police (PESP) arrested three people in field 60 of the Yaqui Valley who were circulating in stolen vehicles with long weapons known as AK-47s, mags, cartridges, tactical equipment and 730 kilos of marijuana hidden inside a tanker truck.

The arrested persons identified themselves as Benjamín N, Roberto N and Jorge N, who belong to a criminal group that operates in the region due to a matter that was suspected of them, however they were detained for the illegal possession of firearms, vehicles And drugs, so that it will be the corresponding authority who determines the legal situation.

After intelligence work, in operations carried out in the region, on Friday night was managed to intercept the vehicles that drove the subjects in one of the dirt roads in the vicinity of Field 60, municipality of Bácum.
PESP officers secured two assault rifles, known as a goat's horn, a .9mm caliber handgun, more than 150 cartridges and three ballistic vests.

In addition, inside the tanker truck they hid several packages made with adhesive tape, containing 38 packages with approximately 730 kilograms of green grass with physical characteristics to the drug known as marijuana, which would be equivalent to more than 1 million 460 thousand doses of having distributed it to the drug dealers.

The recovered cars are a pick up, Ford, model F-150 with theft report from September 5, 2016 and a tanker type vehicle, international brand of white color also with theft record from January 21 of this year .

Due to the above facts, the detained persons and the insured matter were made available to the Attorney General's Office following up on the First Respondent National Protocol, where they will continue with the corresponding investigations.

Note: presumed innocent, as long as it is not declared by the judicial authority. (Article 13 of the CNPP).


09 / Feb / 2017
New Day / Nogales, Sonora


After fulfilling all the procedure and protocol, this border city became the first municipality to obtain the collective license so that the elements of public security can carry arms that are for the exclusive use of the Army and the Armed Forces.

The Municipal Public Safety Commissioner, Marco Antonio Flores Aguiar reported that every two years all police corporations must renew the license to carry the weapons and for this must comply with three essential requirements that are: The toxicological test of all personell, as well as the physical non-impediment certificate and the C-3.

He said that under the instruction of the municipal president, Temo Galindo Delgado, to carry out actions to have a clean police of the consumption of drugs and able to carry out effectively their work, obtained this license that allows the uniformed officers to carry firearms.

He indicated that 100 percent of the requirements were met for the Mexican Army and by the State Public Security Secretariat, which resulted in Nogales being the first city to obtain said license.


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