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Note: "AMLO" Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the far left candidate for President of Mexico.
Morena is his new political party.
Comment: The "next president" of Mexico interfering in the next U.S. election?
From his photos, does he not look somewhat Russian? Some resemblance to the late Boris Yeltsin?

AMLO in San Francisco Recognized as 'Outstanding Leader'
Morena's leader received an acknowledgment from the San Francisco Mission district in San Francisco California for his fight to defend migrants, democracy and human rights

03/20/2017 21:39 ISABEL GONZÁLEZ


Hillary Ronen, supervisor of the San Francisco government in the 9th district, handed the certificate of honor to Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Photo: @ lopezobrador_)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador was recognized as "an exceptional leader" in the struggle for democracy, the defense of migrants and human rights, and was recognized by the authorities of the San Francisco California Mission District, which houses the Latino and Hispanic communities most representative of that city.

Hillary Ronen, supervisor of the San Francisco government in the 9th district, handed the certificate of honor to the presidential candidate to the president of Morena given the struggle she is leading in defense of the migrants of that sanctuary city and others of the US.

At the time, Hillary Ronen announced that they will "fight like crazy" to avoid injustices and Tuesday will promote an initiative that prohibits the San Francisco government to contract any company that participates in the construction of the wall in the border with Mexico promoted by Donald Trump , President of the United States of America.

"Forgive me, I know that they want to hear the next president of Mexico, everyone here in this room knows that now more than ever we need leaders who fight more for people, for immigrants, for women, for workers than for big companies and That's why it's a tremendous love to welcome you here, I know you're going to fight hard," she said in the main hall of The Grand Theater where he held the meeting with migrants.

López Obrador expressed his gratitude for the distinction made by the local government of San Francisco, highlighting the presence of migrants of various nationalities in the event, including African, Salvadoran, Mexican and American countries.

Addressing the audience, he said the United States government should not be blaming others when "something is wrong with the most powerful nation in the world" that keeps its inhabitants at levels of welfare and development below other nations.

The United States ranks 36 among the countries of the world in terms of corruption; Also reaches an unfortunate level of inequality; There is a very important social deficit, expressed in a lamentable way, in the 45 million poor that exist in the United States, about 15 percent of its population, "he warned.

On the contrary, US $ 522 billion a year is earmarked for arms spending, Morena's leader criticized, noting that within two months of assuming the presidency of the United States, Trump has fallen sharply in popularity because Americans They realized the deception and "they do not want stridency in the government".

With that campaign he will not be able to govern and will not be able to be reelected because the American people is an intelligent people, liberal, democratic that can not always be fooled, that campaign is not prospering because Americans do not want stridency, so much confrontation , They want justice and well-being, "he told a full theater.

Unlike previous meetings with migrants, this meeting noted a higher level of organization in the requirements of entry to the event and the security to lead López Obrador to the presidium and then the departure from the meeting.

He also highlighted the presence of high-ranking representatives of the Latin American Anglican churches as well as the African Orthodox Church.

López Obrador will return to Mexico City on Tuesday and will resume his activities in the state of Veracruz next Thursday.


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