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A very busy AZMEX miércoles

Almost $1M in hard drugs seized at Nogales Port
Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 1:38 pm MST
By Phil Benson

CBP officers at the DeConcini crossing discovered multiple packages of meth, with the help of a narcotics detection canine. (Source: CBP)


Three Mexican nationals and one U.S. citizen were arrested in separate attempts to smuggle hard drugs through the Port of Nogales.

On Saturday, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection narcotics detection dog alerted to 72 pounds of meth hidden in a Kia van during a secondary inspection.

Officers said the meth was worth more than $215,000. It was found in a non-factory compartment inside the vehicle's read cargo area. A 30-year-old woman from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico was arrested.

On Friday, officers at the Mariposa crossing found more than 11 pounds of cocaine, valued at nearly $125,000, in a Honda van.

A narcotics detection dog led officers to more than 25 pounds of meth, worth almost $76,000, and more than one pound of marijuana, valued more than $600.

The driver, a 25-year-old woman who is a U.S. citizen living in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, was taken into custody.

On Aug. 25, officers stopped two drug loads. One stop netted more than 18 pounds of cocaine, worth in excess of $204,000. It was seized at the DeConcini crossing from a 41-year-old male Mexican national driving a Dodge truck.

The second haul included nearly 26 pounds of meth, worth close to $78,000, and almost 26 pounds of cocaine, valued at more than $295,000. The drugs were taken from a truck driven by a 42-year-old Mexican national at the Mariposa crossing.

In all, officers seized four vehicles, about 123 pounds of meth and 55 pounds of cocaine. They also seized one pound of marijuana.

All four people were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.


Mexico issues transit visas to surge of African migrants
Associated Press
August 30, 2016


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican immigration authorities say 424 migrants from African countries arrived at the southern state of Chiapas over two days last week.

The National Immigration Institute said Tuesday that it has issued them 20-day transit visas that will allow the migrants to reach the U.S.-Mexico border, where they plan to request asylum.

Officials call it an unusual surge and say most of the migrants first went to Brazil or Ecuador to start their journey through Latin America.

Most of the Africans presented themselves voluntarily to immigration officials in the Chiapas town of Tapachula. They did not specify their nationalities.

Immigration support staff in Tijuana has been aiding migrants from the Congo, Somalia and Ghana to arrive at the U.S. port of entry at San Isidro.


Note: Payback time. South of Cananea, (Hwy 2) and east of Magdalena de Kino (Hwy 15) about a 120 miles south of Nogales.

Search ranch in Sonora Guillermo Padres
Cristina Gómez Lima correspondent |
Wednesday 31 Aug 2016 13:19

Rancho Pozo Nuevo, owned by former PAN governor Guillermo Padres. Photo Cristina Gómez Lima

Bacanuchi, Son. Elements of the Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor, launched this morning a judicial proceeding for Pozo Nuevo searching the ranch, owned by former PAN governor Guillermo Padres Elias.

Dozens of patrols vehicles of the State Police Investigator supported the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to control the property of former state governor, as part of the investigations for the alleged crime of "illicit enrichment".

Official sources of the state government confirmed that the raid began around 9:00 am Wednesday and did not rule out that the investigation may force more searches.

They added that the judge handling the case believes that "there is sufficient evidence to approve the Public Ministry action, I evaluated, I impounded property to determine amounts and see if the numbers match the revenue" of Padre Elias and his family.

The ranch is located five kilometers from the village of Bacanuchi; It has 3,670 hectares, of which 400 are walnut trees; 12 wells; a dam and aqueduct. According to history, it was noted as owned by the father of former governor; abandoned, supposedly more than four decades, but improved markedly in the period when Padres was state governor.

It is recalled that on 28 June, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) ordered the seizure to the ranch El Pozo Nuevo PADRES, SPR de RL de CV, owned by former PAN governor, because of a tax debt of a 1,539,683 pesos.

Through the office 23044, rotated on 17 June, the Administration Decentralized Collection of Hermosillo asked the Director of Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Cananea Sonora, seizure of agricultural land with the aforementioned name, according the record number 492574.


Implemente in Sonora - 911 for emergency calls
Details Published on Tuesday August 30, 2016,
Written by Editorial / El Diario

Sonora is ready to be the first states to implement the 911 emergency call, said governor Claudia Pavlovich, after participating in the session of the National Public Security Council, chaired by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Along with 28 governors and the head of government of the Federal District, Governor Claudia Pavlovich, adopted at this regular meeting topics that will strengthen the work in combating insecurity in Mexico, calling for the different sectors to work in crime prevention .

It was established there that the implementation of 911 emergency system will be held on October 3 in Sonora and 15 other states, to which the Governor Claudia Pavlovich specified already advanced in its organization in this emergency number, which will be the same throughout the country from the middle of next year.

"We are already ready, I was seeing with the Secretary for Security, this is great news because we will harmonize all calls, there will be no discrepancy, and I think it is very important that Sonora is the major states in implementing it," said Governor Pavlovich.

She stressed that Sonora is still working on the integration of the New Criminal Justice System, to improve its implementation. It seemed interesting, she said, of one of the proposals of representatives of civil society on the issue of juvenile offenders to work on their return and integration of society in a simpler way.


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