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Authorities: Arizona border strike task force succeeding so far
September 26, 2016 @ 8:37 am


PHOEINX — Arizona's border strike task force is doing well, said authorities.

The specialized unit that combats border crime, human trafficking and drug cartels, recently added more manpower, thanks to state support.

"We've added 36 positions to the unit, and we are … out making traffic stops on suspicious activity," Col. Frank Milstead, who heads the Department of Public Safety, said.

The team debuted a year ago. Between September 2015 and June 2016, it seized 17,070 pounds of marijuana, 92 pounds of heroin and 667 pounds of methamphetamine.

From July 1 to Aug. 31 of this year, seized marijuana was 1,665 pounds. The team snagged 28 pounds of heroin and 135 pounds of methamphetamine.

"If we can't get the federal government to do the things we would like them to do, [Gov. Doug Ducey] wanted to make sure he was able to do something that he could control," Milstead said.

Recently, the state approved thousands of dollars for deputies from Cochise and Pima counties to join the force.

Cochise received $375,000 and Pima $225,000.

Santa Cruz and Yuma counties are not sending deputies to the force because of financial constraints.


Note: estimated 5,000 Haitians crowd shelters in Tijuana, story in english at link:




Note: Meanwhile way down south.

Armed group attacks INM truck; They were 25 foreigners
The incident took place around 13:00 in the village of El Mezquite, in Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca

27/09/2016 16:59 CARLOS QUIROZ
Photo: Cuartoscuro


The National Migration Institute (INM), a agency of the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry), announced that on Monday September 26 in Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca, an alleged criminal group stopped with firearms an official vehicle of this organization with the purpose of taking 25 foreigners and the alleged smuggler who had been detained by federal immigration agents after an operation and Verification Control in the region.

During the operation, performed around 13:00 hours on Monday in the town of El Mezquite, elements of the National Migration Institute detected a red pickup truck carrying a group of migrants, the driver with intent to evade the authority, increased speed to escape.

According to the preliminary investigation FED / OAXACA / MR / 1289/2016 initiated by these facts in the Attorney General's Office, it states that federal immigration agents overtook the truck and moved to foreigners and the driver to the INM vehicle unit; however, it was intercepted by five suspects who were traveling on five motorcycles, shooting on several occasions with guns at the official vehicle, in order to take 25 foreigners of different nationalities and the smuggler who accompanied them, resulting injured two federal immigration agents, one bullet wound in one arm and another a blow to the head with the butt of a gun, "explained the INM.

It also reported that following a request for assistance from the elements of the National Migration Institute, the Mexican Army, the Federal and State Police aided the affected staff, giving them at all times security and support for the injured were taken to a hospital.



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