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2 counties to get state funding for deputies for border unit

PHOENIX (AP) -- The state plans to provide two counties with partial funding for sheriff's deputies to work on Arizona's new border strike force and those counties and two others would also get money to pay for costs stemming from border-related crime.

A Department of Public Safety plan endorsed by a legislative oversight committee Wednesday will provide Cochise County with $375,000 for five deputies and Pima County with $225,000 for three deputies.

DPS Director Frank Milstead told the committee in a Sept. 14 letter that Santa Cruz and Yuma counties aren't participating because they cannot provide the require 25 percent match.

The state also plans to provide $125,000 grants to each of the four border counties for prosecution and jail expenses stemming from drug trafficking, human smuggling, illegal immigration and other border-related crimes.


Note: Driving south? Be Aware. Photo at link.

22 / Sep / 2016
Nuevo Dia / Imuris, Sonora

Police and Civil Protection authorities trying toprevent the presence of metal objects on federal and state highways, that are used to force stopping and expose motorists to assault.

Harmless fruits like oranges or apples can draw the attention of drivers and who try to crush them, but result in a blowout or flat tire or tires having spikes / nails inside.

So far they are seen in the region, but the objects described have been found in some other area.

"It is better to be wary of any object seen in the asphalt and avoid with great caution, but without reducing speed too much" recommend police forces at local and state level.


Give 27 weapons to police
22 / Sep / 2016 - 7:48 a.m.
The delivery of weapons to the mayor of Navojoa was by the Secretary of Public Security in Sonora
By: Katia Lemus

Navojoa, Sonora.- As part of the actions taken by the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen the Municipal Police, the head of the federal agency, Adolfo Garcia Morales, gave the mayor of Navojoa, Raul Silva Vela, 27 prieto beretta weapons and ammunition.

The Municipal Commissioner of Public Safety, Valentin Gamez Granados, confirmed the delivery of weapons that have long been assigned, but were not issued.

These weapons were assigned to elements that are already trained to protect citizens and especially to reduce the factors of crime and crime in the city.


Note: about 20 miles NE of Hermosillo

Ministry of Health confirmed three cases of Zika in Sonora
Details Published on Thursday September 22, 2016,
Written by Editorial / The Journal

Zika three cases were confirmed in the municipality of San Miguel de Horcasitas, same found set and controlled by the Ministry of Health, where measures and intensified fumigation, the Health Secretary Gilberto Ungson Beltran said.

(rest of the story at link - in Spanish)


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