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Note: some samples of Mexican media on the Trump visit.
Many, many words so you get the computer version of a translation.
Los Pinos is the Mexican "White House".
EPN is the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Comment: Again, a free, safe and prosperous Mexico is very much in our interest.


Minute by minute: Trump visit Los Pinos
Follow here the details of the visit by the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in our country

08/31/2016 13:49 DRAFTING

15:37 Thanks for joining us minute by minute of the visit that the Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump, made to Mexico.
15:35 concludes the press conference given by President Enrique Peña Nieto by the Republican candidate for US presidency
15:33 "The intention expressed and presented to meet with the two candidates for the US government is under that premise, you can build, but especially in respect of both countries" EPN
15:29 "do not talk about who will pay for the wall, not that does not speak," answered reporters Trump
15:28 "Mr. President (Peña Nieto) is a tremendous honor and I consider him a friend": Trump
15:27 "We have to improve the Free Trade": Trump
Mexicans are good people and deserve respect: Peña Nieto to Trump
Pope Francisco
15:25 "We have to build a wall to stop the flow of arms and money; ensure the safety of all citizens ": Trump
15:23 "Human trafficking from Central America is extremely dangerous, without any authority and without any papers": Trump
15:22 "Mexicans have no reproach, Mexicans are spectacular people": Trump


15:19 "Mexicans in the United States are honest people, who respect life, the family and the law, therefore, Mexicans deserve the respect of all": EPN
15:18 "My priority is to protect Mexicans wherever they are, that's my responsibility and continue fulfilling": EPN
15:18 "The next administration can expect continuity and willingness of the Mexican government to make the region safer North America": EPN

15:16 "Many lives can be saved on both sides of the border if criminal groups stop receiving weapons": EPN

15:14 "The border must become an asset to our region" EPN
15:14 "I do not believe that trade should be regarded as an effort in which one wins and the other loses, on the contrary should be seen as an effort to generate both parties": EPN
15:13 "As partners must work together to prevent sources of employment leave our region" EPN
15:12 "Our country will buy more United States to Germany, Spain France, Italy, Japan and the UK, together": EPN

15:10 "We can not agree on various issues but their presence shows that we have a coincidence, our countries are very important for each other": EPN
15:08 "The next US president will find in Mexico a neighbor that works to strengthen the relationship among nations": EPN
15.06 Start the message of President Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump
15:05 In minutes, we will know the message that Donald Trump is ready for the Mexican people.

So it looks the press room minutes before the message that Enrique Peña Nieto offer and Donald Trump. It is estimated that there are over 200 members of the media.
Pope Francisco
Peña Nieto and Trump hold private meeting in Los Pinos
Pope Francisco
14:52 In minutes started the press conference between President Enrique Peña Nieto and the republican candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump

14:40 Everything ready for the press conference that offered Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump
Protesters reject the presence in the Angel Trump
Pope Francisco
Donald Trump arrives to Mexico to meet with Peña Nieto
Pope Francisco
So politicians reacted by Trump's visit to Mexico
Pope Francisco
14:20 A group of people protest near the Angel of Independence by the visit of Donald Trump

14:15 This is the plane that Donald Trump arrived in Mexico

14:00 So Donald Trump arrived at the official residence of Los Pinos.

13:45 Republican candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump, up to Camp Mars aboard a Black Hawk helicopter Mexican Army


Today Peña and Trump meet; He accepted the invitation of the President of Mexico
I believe in dialogue to protect Mexicans wherever they are, said the president; Republican expressed interest in meeting

31/08/2016 6:12 Jose Carreno FIGUERAS

Donald Trump, Republican candidate for the US presidency today travel to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

"I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto, of Mexico, and I see very forward to meeting him tomorrow," Trump said in a Twitter message.

The Presidency of Mexico confirmed in its social network that the meeting will be private and that the invitation was made "in recent days". Minutes later, Peña Nieto posted on his Twitter account that invited both the Republican and the Democratic candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton, to discuss the bilateral relationship.

"I believe in dialogue to promote the interests of Mexico in the world and mainly to protect Mexicans wherever they are," Pena wrote in a second tweet.

According to The Washington Post, the embassies of the two countries were involved in the negotiations.

At night, Hillary Clinton recalled in his Twitter account that Trump, "since the early days of his campaign, has called Mexicans as rapists and criminals."

US media highlighted the risks and opportunities presented by the visit of Republican rule hours before a highly anticipated speech on his immigration policy.

Trump coming today to meet with EPN

The Republican candidate for the US Presidency says he sees with great interest the meeting; It will be in Los Pinos.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today make a quick trip to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

"I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto, of Mexico, and look very forward to meeting tomorrow (today) with him," he said in a Twitter message, which was described as "surprising" by CNN and as " last minute "by The Washington Post.

The Presidency of Mexico confirmed meanwhile that there would be a "private meeting", although previously a spokesman had denied the Mexican press but confirmed to The Washington Post, which published the first report on the possibility of the trip.

The initial report indicated that the meeting at the invitation of Peña Nieto, would take place before the speech announced that US presidential candidate will tonight on immigration policy.

President of Mexico said that the proposal was made last Friday both Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. In both cases it was received "in good standing".

Last night, through his Twitter account, President Peña Nieto said Mexico invited "candidates to the US Presidency to discuss the bilateral relationship. Tomorrow I get to Donald Trump. "

"I believe in dialogue to promote the interests of Mexico in the world and mainly to protect Mexicans wherever they are," said a second message.

The meeting will be held at the Casa Lazaro Cardenas of the official residence of Los Pinos.

Last night there was speculation that the meeting was scheduled after noon.

According to US sources, one of the main obstacles would have been on security issues with the Secret Service opposite trip both logistics issues as lack of preparations. The doubts were resolved on Tuesday night.

According to sources of Donald Trump's campaign, the applicant expressed great interest since it was raised.

The newspaper said that the embassies of the two countries were involved in the negotiations.

Hillary Clinton criticizes Republican speech to Mexico

The Democratic presidential candidate US Hillary Clinton's speech criticized his Republican rival, Donald Trump, who today meets with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Through communications director of his campaign, Jennifer Palmiei, Clinton said:

"From the early days of his campaign, Donald Trump has called Mexicans as 'rapists' and 'criminal' and has promised to deport 16 million people, including children and US citizens. Trump said that we should force Mexico to pay for its giant wall along the border. He has said that we should prohibit sending remittances to families in Mexico if Mexico does not want to pay the wall. In the end, the important thing is what Donald Trump tells voters in Arizona, not in Mexico, and if remains committed to separating families and deport millions ".

The candidate also was invited to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

In both cases, the invitation was received "in good standing".

US media discussed the meeting

Reactions in the United States about the unexpected trip to Mexico Donald Trump highlighted problems and dangers as well as opportunities for the aspiring, hours before an expected speech on immigration policy.

The New York Times, "the journey is the latest venture of Mr. Trump and his troubled campaign. But for all the risk involved, it provides an image that enjoys Trump: the one willing to do the unexpected with an enemy -reunirse course to advance their agenda "shrewd negotiator.

For CNN, "a meeting between Trump and Peña Nieto would be extraordinary, given the continuous promises of Trump to build a wall along the border with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. Trump has also provoked strong criticism in Mexico and the Hispanic community in general for their rhetoric, inflammatory at times, in the discussion of illegal immigration. "

For CBS, "Trump's decision to meet with Peña Nieto comes after a week in which his position on immigration, including the deportation of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the EU, became confused.

For Time, "the journey is a high-risk gamble for the multimillionaire and bombastic TV star, who is trailing in the polls, to meet one of his most vocal critics in his homeland. Although Trump offers an opportunity to project his presidential side for US voters, the visit is also fraught with danger for a candidate who is a novice in the geopolitical landscape and widely reviled in Mexico. Trump aides indicated no immediate details or objectives for the meeting with candidate Peña Nieto, who faces turn a deep disapproval ".


MORE: Some samples, but they will be in Spanish.


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