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Authorities looking for armed narcotics smugglers
Seth Pines
2:07 PM, Sep 16, 2016

COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Authorities are searching for armed narcotics smugglers in the Brown Canyon area of the Huachuca Mountains, according to a news release from the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Brian A. Terry Patrol Station intercepted armed narcotics smugglers in the area.

Deputies say the suspects absconded but authorities seized approximately 72 pounds of marijuana, an AK-style assault rifle and a Colt handgun.

An active search for the suspects is ongoing, in collaboration with the Tucson Sector Special Operations Group and the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.


Arsenal found in Villa Sonora
Details Published on Wednesday September 14, 2016,
Written by Arturo González


Police elements of the three levels of government safeguard two domiciles in Colonia Villa Sonora, carried out the raids in both homes that are on the calle Condor number 70 and Calle Las Palomas number 55, where they found an arsenal of cartridges, magazines and drugs.

The first steps were taken around 21:30 and ended at 23:50 hours where they succeeded in securing six rifle magazines and three magazines for handguns, seizure of a 30-30 firearm was also achieved, a box of 20 cartridges 9 mm, six bags of cartridges of different calibers, about 50, two 20 round boxes of cartridges of different calibers, and about hundred rounds of 7.62x51 caliber.

In that same address also the seizure of different essential chemicals for making synthetic drug and a container of material containing a solid granular, apparently 'crystal' .

Around 23:10 hours was performed the other search at home in calle Condor, number 70, of the colony Villa Sonora, same that ended at 01:00 pm yesterday, where they managed the seizure of various chemicals, two containers containing a white powder, apparently cocaine, 71 magazines of 7.62x39 mm caliber.

Also twelve magazines for 20 gauge, fifty 22 caliber cartridges, forty cartridges of caliber 7.62x39 mm, twenty cartridges caliber 10 mm, four 308 mm caliber cartridges and five cartridges 7.62x51 caliber .

It is worth mentioning that all was taken to the offices of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), available to the First Agency of the Public Ministry of the Federation.


Note: photo at link. If photo is accurate, a SBR before or after coming to Mex?

PEI catches pair of gunmen during operation
Details Published on Thursday September 15, 2016,
Written by Editorial Staff

Empalme, Sonora

They confiscated an assault rifle and three firearms of various calibres and drugs.

two people were arrested in flagrante delicto, by agents of the PEI, in possession of four guns, ammunition and drugs.
Elements of Operational Base, State Police Investigator (PEI) had support staff of the Preventive State Police Public Safety (PESP).

The action was at 20:40 hours Monday on the road Guaymas-Empalme Libramiento, at the the Ladrilleras colony.
They detected , a red 2005 Volkswagen Jetta , where two men were showing nervousness.
In investigating, PEI agents observed immediately weapons with the car's occupants, so they proceeded to arrest them.
At that time members of the PESP passed by, who conduct tours of crime prevention, which supported the action.
The men were identified as Jose Luis, 32, and Peter, 34, who brought four weapons , three handguns and one long gun, supplied with rounds of ammunition.

A Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle with 23 rounds of ammunition, a pistol Pietro Beretta 9mm fourteen shots in its magazine and a 9 mm Ruger with eight cartridges.


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