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Note: Sanctuary in the U.S.?

CBP: Prison escapee caught at Nogales border station
Posted: Mar 24, 2015 3:50 PM MST
Updated: Mar 24, 2015 3:50 PM MST
By Jackie Kent


NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Mexican man wanted in connection with a homicide investigation was among several people caught by border agents over the past few weeks.

Tucson Sector agents said a man allegedly escaped from prison and was arrested at a Nogales border patrol station while trying to cross into the U.S on March 18. Agents confirmed his identity with Mexican authorities and turned him over to Sonoran State police.

In unrelated arrests over the past few weeks, officials said agents apprehended several convicted sex offenders from Mexico and El Salvador. They targeted three people convicted of child sex crimes, including felony sexual conduct with a minor, molestation and lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14, according to a CBP news release. Two people convicted of sexual battery and forcible rape were also taken into custody, the release said.

The public can anonymously report suspicious activity to the border patrol by calling (877) 872-7435, toll free.


Broker: Arizona at risk of growing more medical marijuana than market demands
March 25, 2015 @ 9:34 am


PHOENIX -- Concerns are growing over the potential for Arizona to face an overabundance of medical marijuana.

In 2014, there were 63,417 active medical marijuana cardholders and more than 1 million square feet of working cultivation facilities for the plant. But according to data gathered by Benchmark Commercial Real Estate, the amount of land the state has approved for potential pot cultivation is much larger than what is needed in the current medical marijuana market.

"We were a little bit surprised to find out that there is 26 million square feet of land that is attached to approved cultivation properties," Roy Ginnell, broker and owner of Benchmark Commercial, said.

Ginnell said he and his team have spent nearly a year collecting data from Arizona's medical marijuana cultivation sites and dispensaries. He said he believes if all of the land that is approved to grow pot were currently being used, it could have a negative impact on the medical marijuana industry.

"We're already five-fold the amount of square footage under permit than what is needed to source medicine for the patients and cardholders here in the state," he said.

Ginnell said it comes down to simple supply and demand economics: If too much pot is grown, medical marijuana prices will plummet, which is temporarily good for consumers but bad for the industry as a whole.

"To have (prices drop) any further, I think you would see the potential for groups going out of business," he said. "If price wars continue to happen, they're likely to have to fold up shop."


Posted: Mar 25, 2015 4:25 PM MST
Updated: Mar 25, 2015 4:25 PM MST
Sierra Vista smuggler with $54K of marijuana arrested at Port of Naco
Written By Anthony Victor Reyes


CBP locate 109 pounds of marijuana inside a Chevrolet truck

NACO - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested a 21-year-old Sierra Vista man after he attempted to smuggle 109 pounds of marijuana through the Port of Naco on Tuesday, March 24.

The officers located 82 packages of marijuana after a full inspection of the man's Chevrolet truck. The narcotics had an estimated value of about $54,000.

The vehicle and drugs were processed for seizure and the suspect was referred to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.


Note: things haven't stopped south of the fence either. Computer english - sorry

Published March 26, 2015, 5:02 a.m.
Soldier killed in Sonoyta
One killed and another was wounded military balance aggression suffered near Sonoyta, Sonora.
Again they are military attacked by thugs


Caborca, Sonora - New Day

For the second time in the past two days, soldiers of the 17th Infantry Company Drawn (CINE), based in Sonoyta, were victims of organized crime to return to being ambushed in the desert area, which yielded as a military balance without killed and another seriously injured, but this time managed to arrest some, reported the PEIS.
Researcher spokesman Sonora State Police said earlier, around 05:30 pm on Wednesday 4 of this were riddled the military elements when passing through the gap located about ten kilometers to the west of Sierra del Humo, where detected pick-ups, with California plates.
So they proceeded to investigate the reason for their presence, only to receive several machine guns, one of whose bullets injured a soldier, achieving the arrest of a suspect and the seizure of 50 kilos of marijuana.

As for the recent attack on the military, this was raised at 13:30 pm last Tuesday around Sierra Awl, about 64 kilometers east of Sonoyta, in the municipality of General Plutarco Elias Calles, where they observed a several civilians on the hill, so he approached to investigate, they were greeted with bursts of AK-47 machine guns, 39 caliber 7.62 mm, better known as "goat horn".
Which left a toll the death of one soldier and severe injuries to another of the game, who helicopter was transferred to Naval Hospital, the Ministry of the Navy of Mexico, in the neighboring municipality of Puerto Peñasco, where is torn between life and death, recovering lot of percussive long gravel weapon, so far managed to arrest, nor any confiscation, added the insider.


Published March 26, 2015, 1:54 a.m.
Running a man with bursts of shrapnel
One person was killed with machine guns in Guaymas, Sonora.
The body was found in the bush near Bácum


With multiple wounds caused by projectile gun, fired with machine gun AK-47, 7.62 caliber 39 mm, less known as "goat horn", was executed on ex-convict for vehicle theft and drug dealing in life be named Ephraim Jesus Avitia Ibarra, 32, reported the Sonora State Police Investigator. This, said spokesman PEIS, occurred around 11:30 pm last Tuesday in the vicinity of the Yaqui community Tórim in this municipality. Where between Mount was detected's body Avitia Ibarra, who had his dwelling in the colony White House, the ethnic population Bácum, recovering several percussive rubble of that size without so far arrest was achieved some added informant .


Military gunmen kill one else is hurt
Details Published on Thursday March 26, 2015,
Written by Staff / The Journal



Agents of different corporations, coordinated with the Department of Defense personnel are carrying out an operation to find those responsible for the armed attack suffered on Tuesday military elements, which left as a result a military died and another injured.
The events took place around 13:30 pm in the vicinity of the Sierra Awl, located 64 kilometers southeast of Sonoyta, when military personnel conducting surveillance tours.
Being in that place the soldiers placed a few civilians agazapas on the hill, so when trying to address them they attacked the military personnel.
The place was a military dead and another injured, one was airlifted to Rocky Point Naval Hospital where reported their health as stable.
Staff Expert Services of the Attorney General of the State secured in place several shell casings of rifle and handgun bush hammered.
At the scene came the Deputy Public Common Law who ordered the lifting and transporting the body to perform the steps of law


Authorities located the body of a man shot dead
Details Published on Thursday March 26, 2015,
Written by Staff / The Journal



Otherwise the body of a person who drowned in an irrigation canal was also located.
Agents of the State Police Investigator inquire about the facts which killed one person male whose body was found about 11:30 am on Tuesday in a property located in the community of Río Yaqui Tórim.
The deceased was identified today as Jesus Avitia Ephraim Ibarra, 32 years old, who had established the colony White House and had history on charges of vehicle theft and drug dealing.
The victim was found in the bush and had several injuries caused by firearm projectiles. In place of the staff made of Expert Services of the Attorney General of the State secured several long gun shell casings.
In Navojoa Navojoa tera leading to Huatabampo elements Fire Department recovered the body of Jesus Aldaco Flores, 38 years old, who died of asphyxiation by drowning.
The victim, who had registered in the Allende colony, was found floating on the waters of the canal, after firefighters implemented an operational search after receiving a complaint that the now deceased, on January 20, fell Canal de Las Pilas, off street boulevard Guillermo Chavez and Eduardo Bours.
At the site of the discovery was attended by the Deputy Public Common Law who ordered the lifting and transporting the body to perform the steps of law.


Caen urban narcos traps PEI
Details Published on Thursday March 26, 2015,
Written by Staff / The Journal



Confiscated them several portions of the synthetic drug known as 'crystal'.
Elements of State Police Investigator assigned to the department of corruption of minors detained in different events, two people in possession of several wrappers glass and cocaine.
In the first incident, arrested Maura Dionicia Urias Bejarano 28 years old, residing in the colony Gomez Morin.
The arrest was made PEI agents yesterday around 10:30 hours after they received a complaint that in South Sierra Street and Avenue of the Masters of that colony, a person's sex was women selling drugs.
When investigating that complaint, the agents placed Maura Dionicia walking on the street Sierra South, so to address it and check your belongings, they found 10 plastic wrappers containing the synthetic drug known as "crystal", which gave weighing approximately 2.3 grams and plastic wrappings 08 inside which was cocaine, which gave an approximate weight of 13.1 grams.
In the second event, the items assigned to the department, around 13:10 pm yesterday, arrested John Leobardo Ruiz Espinoza 31 years old, residing in the fractionation La Caridad, who has previous convictions for offenses of the health and the health in their mode of drug dealing in their hypothesis simple possession of methamphetamine.
The arrest was carried out by agents to walk the streets San Attalus and Lucrecia Light Ayon Colony Los Angeles, they located John Leobardo, who saw the official unit showed marked nervousness, so the effect you review, finding among his belongings seven plastic wrappers containing "crystal", which gave an approximate weight of 20 grams and a gram scale scale in black unmarked.
The detainees and the seized drug, were made available to the Public Prosecutor attached to the Center of Strategic Operations, who in the coming hours will define its status Common Law.

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