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Note: The measures against citizen's human rights, increasing under the PRI as expected. In real life, associates of organized crime groups are seldom penalized. "Fines" should stop the drug cartels in their tracks.

Up to eight years in prison for carrying weapons without permission
Details Published on Thursday March 26, 2015,
Written by Special / The Journal

Mexico, DF.

Reinforce the fight against the 'black market', is the objective in the Senate.
The Senate passed the bill in committee to tighten sanctions on those who possess weapons and explosives, ranging from 30 day fines up to eight years in prison for transferring ownership of a gun without a permit. The legislation voted at the meeting of the Commission for Legislative Studies Second, headed by Alejandro Encinas, which also covers those weapons that clandestinely enter national territory firearms (not reserved for use by the Army, Navy and Air Force) is imposed in three to 10 years in prison and 180-300 days fines.

The project, which includes the minutes sent by the deputies, it is argued that the purpose of this amendment to the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives is to strengthen the fight against the black market, updating the fines.

The reform seeks to address the need to revise the laws relating to the commission of crimes which affect or may affect the lives and safety of people through increased fines, to make them consistent with the current context of the country.

Also achieve a comprehensive scheme of graduated fines proportionally according to the degree of danger they represent the conduct classified as misdemeanors or felonies.

It was approved that are punishable by 30 to 120 day fines for holders of guns without having applied to the Secretariat of National Defense, and to holders of cartridges or ammunition in an unauthorized or unlicensed way.


Note: $1 a box?

Feds seize 5K rounds of ammo from Pharr (TX) couple
Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 9:00 am

PHARR — Federal agents on Monday arrested two Mexican nationals after discovering 5,860 rounds of assault rifle ammunition that had been destined for Mexico, court records state.
Homeland Security Investigations agents received permission to search a home Monday in the 100 block of West Dicker Road, according to a criminal complaint.

Francisco Javier Mendoza Esquivel, a Mexican national in the country illegally, let agents into the property and said he had 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition in a tool box outside. Agents found about 4,000 rounds of ammo inside the house and another 1,860 rounds in a tool box outside the residence, the complaint states.
Mendoza, 37, told agents he's a convicted drug smuggler in the country illegally — making it against the law for him to possess ammunition.

Mendoza's girlfriend, Carolina Grimaldo Cruz, a Mexican national with permanent residence in the United States, had purchased the ammo via the Internet and it had been delivered to his house on Monday, the complaint states. Grimaldo, 38, told agents that Mendoza asked her to buy the ammunition so he could go target shooting on a ranch.

Mendoza told agents he expected to be paid $100 for every 100 boxes of ammunition he was able to smuggle into Mexico, the complaint states.

The couple remains in federal custody ahead of a court hearing before a U.S. magistrate judge set for Friday.

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