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Note: How about a day in the life just south of the former AZMEX border.

Comment: On their way to sanctuary in the U.S.?

Arrested by PEI in Nogales for shooting of Choix, Sin. mayor.
Details Published on Saturday March 14, 2015,
Written by Staff / El Diario


Two people involved in the armed attack on the Mayor of Choix, Sinaloa, Juan Raúl Acosta Salas, which injured five others were arrested by agents of the State Police on this border.

Reports indicate that the PGJE know about, Nora Espinoza Haimee Acuña, who is originally from Empalme, Sonora and Victor Agustin Reyes Macedo, a native San Blas, municipality of El Fuerte, Sinaloa.

These people are identifiedin the armed aggression suffered by the Mayor of the municipality of Choix, Sinaloa and five others accompanying him in events of March 6 this year.

Both people were taken, by air, to the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa pursuant to a search warrant, location and presentation delivered by the Deputy Public specializing in the crime of intentional homicide in Ahome
Common Law.

The armed aggression was raised on the road from Los Mochis to Choix, at the height of the Tetamboca community in the municipality of El stronger.

In this place armed men aboard a van from the GMC brand, line Yukon, gray, Model 2000, shot with an AK-47 rifle against passengers in a Suburban, model 2014, owned by the City of Choix.

In the vehicle traveling were Mayor Acosta Salas, who was the driver; and Maria Luz Lerma Lopez and Rosario Acosta Salas, wife and sister of Mayor respectively.

Also, Leonardo León Palafox, Assistant to the Mayor; Clemente Soto Miranda and Lauro Melchor Cotan Chavez, who is Treasurer and Director of Social Development of the municipality respectively. All of them, except for Rosario Acosta, were injured in said armed aggression.

After the attack, the attackers left the area due to a unit of the municipal police approaching , leaving the Yukon truck abandoned on a dirt road located about a kilometer away from where the armed attack occurred.

The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, reported that as a result of intelligence work and research conducted by staff of the Public Ministry and by a panel of the Ministerial Police, in coordination with the Attorney General of Sonora, the location was found in Nogales of Nora Haimee Espinoza Acuña and Víctor Agustín Reyes Macedo.

In his ministerial statement both say they are pair, living in Nogales, Sonora where engaged in drug dealing and confessed having participated in the acts for which they are accused.


Note: and a bit to the south-east.

Drug Violence in the Sierra Tarahumara leaves four executed
March 14, 2015
by Staff


Chihuahua, Chih. (Proceso.com.mx) .- Four men were executed this week in the town of Uruachi, located in the Sierra Tarahumara, officials said.

The most recent case occurred last Thursday 12th at La Finca community, when a group of armed men killed Balbanedo Ramirez Alvarez and Manuel Mendoza Bertin.

The bodies were found around 13:40 hours on the road to Los Táscates to Gosogachi, shot in the head.

Baldenedo Ramirez lived in the community of Gosogachi and Manuel Bartin in La Villa, in the same municipality.

On Tuesday, 10 were killed with guns Mario Alberto Salcido Marquez, 28, and Jose Adolfo Marquez , 23, in Las Tinajas community.

The District Attorney West came forward to say that the double murder was due to personal grudges victims with a rival group. For this case, so far, no arrests in these cases.

Mario Salcido died of hypovolemic shock by bullets and José Márquez from head trauma.

In that town, a month ago, three men were executed in an armed confrontation between criminal groups.

The facts were disclosed by citizens Uruachi and confirmed by the spokesman for the prosecutor Zone West, Alexandra Lara Meraz, who said that because of the remoteness of the place, they only have the names of the victims.

Residents of the community of Aracoyvo indicate that these criminal groups that have long are settled in that region.

The bodies were found in the creek Las Tinajitas near Jicamórachi, a town that was taken two years ago by an armed group.

The fear of the people by the climate of violence inhibited the following Monday to manslaughter registered on 11 February, dozens of families Aracoyvo not come to receive the monthly support of Progresa.

Victims also were shot in the head. They are: Sergio Antonio Aguilar Rivas, 27; Guadalupe Alcalá Meraz, 62, and Omar Alcala Ponce, 32.


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