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Mexico presides over the conference on arms trade treaty
Editorial Mexicana Organization
February 25, 2015

MEXICO: Mexico City presides over the work of the Conference of States Parties to the Treaty on Arms Trade, the first legally binding global agreement, which regulates the sale of conventional weapons, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that the Presidency of Mexico seeks to contribute to neutral and transparent decision making on key institutional and procedural issues under the treaty regime that will allow their full and effective implementation way.

He said that at a meeting the main issues that will provide structure to the treaty, among which are the rules, format, mandate and future configuration of the Permanent Secretariat and financial regulation were addressed.

And technical issues critical to ensuring the effectiveness of the treaty, such as the national reports that States Parties must submit to guarantee the legal trade in weapons and prevent their diversion.

This treaty is the first legally binding global agreement that regulates the trade in conventional weapons, and establishes a legal framework for accountability and transparency in international transfers of these weapons.

Following the entry into force of the treaty, on December 24, 62 States have ratified it and 130 have signed.

The SRE explained that the formal meeting was held in preparation for the First Conference of States Parties (1CEP) of the Treaty on Arms Trade (ATT) in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Participating delegates from 82 states, as well as officials from international organizations, regional organizations and representatives of civil society.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said it was agreed that the next meeting of the preparatory process will take place in Vienna on 20 and 21 April, and in Geneva, from 6 to 8 July. Mexico City will host the First Conference of States Parties from 24 to 27 August.

The delegation consisted Mexico's ambassador to Mexico in Trinidad and Tobago, Mario Arriola Woog; Director General for the United Nations, Minister Ana Paola Barbosa, as well as officials from the ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs.

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They will define carrying of weapons by foreigners
Alberto Morales and Juan Arvizu | El Universal
Wednesday February 25, 2015

President Enrique Peña Nieto sent the Senate a bill to reform the Firearms Act with which the Secretariat of National Defense may give temporary permits to carry weapons for security officers accompanying foreign heads of state, Government, Ministers or equivalent official visits.

This long as the case of revolvers or pistols semiautomatic operation, whose caliber does not exceed 40 mm or equivalent.

According to the initiative, foreign public officials may carry only the weapons they use in their country of origin as part of the team assigned by the institution to which they belong.

Only "in exceptional cases authorize the entry and possession of other weapons, subject to the opinion of the Secretariat of National Defense the need to use is justified".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for processing that permits from the Department of Defense, at least 15 days before the start of the visit at the request of the State or subject to applicable international law.

Enrique Berruga, former deputy foreign minister, said that today there is no bilateral treaty or agreement governing the entry of armed security elements from other countries to Mexico.

He explained that at the time of a view of Heads of State, an agreement between the logistics between security teams, where the number of agents and the type of weapons they will use is specified is performed.

Former Deputy Secretary recalled that Mexico, as host country, is responsible for the security of the leaders and personalities, which is in charge of the Presidential.

The initiative also raised amend the Law on Firearms to customs officials and foreign migration enter and carry their weapons of charge at the point of customs and immigration location country who are selected for the implementation of a new scheme cooperation.

Explained that the possession of weapons will be necessary for the implementation of customs and immigration pre-inspections that may be in place at borders and points of entry.

The initiative states that the Department of Defense shall grant temporary possession of weapons to foreign immigration or customs accredited public servants.


Reform Act of arms improve competitiveness: SRE
Natalia Gómez Quintero | El Universal
11: 38Ciudad of Mexico | Wednesday February 25, 2015

Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade said the initiative on amendments and additions to the Federal Firearms Act to the Senate is part of a major effort to generate shared prosperity and improve competitiveness in North America

The Foreign Secretary Jose Antonio Meade said the initiative on amendments and additions to the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, sent yesterday to the Senate, he enrolled in a major effort to generate shared prosperity and improve competitiveness the region of North America.

"One tool that streamlines to promote mobility of goods, services and people has been so in different parts of the world has been implemented as via a pre release and that basically allows immigration and customs authorities work together providing a single procedure, "he said.

At a press conference said that the generation of these so-called pre offices are essential in a relationship with the dynamism with North American countries-Mexico, United States and Canada and with the aim of generating shared prosperity.

"In this logic the initiative fits that customs and immigration officials in the three countries, are an essential part of their function carrying weapons, so the pre release implies is that the laws are harmonized to allow each other they can do in their work, "he said.


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