Thursday, March 19, 2015



Note: "Authorities agree"

Reiterates ban on armed civilians
Details Published on Wednesday March 18, 2015,
Written by Special / El Diario


Authorities agree that there are no longer any reason to continue operating self-defense groups.

The Coordination Group Michoacán, which integrate state and federal authorities, reaffirmed its position of not allowing armed civilians has made public security work and install checkpoints on state highways.

The governor Salvador Jara Guerrero and special control for security in Michoacán, Felipe Gurrola Ramírez, reiterated that after the dismantling of the dominant criminal group in the state there are no longer grounds for self-defense groups continue to operate in the state.

At the meeting held at Government House, Secretary of Public Security in the state, Javier García Ocampo, said yesterday met in the Nahua community of Ostula with community leaders of guards in the town of Aquila and community authorities in Coahuayana, Coalcomán and Chinicuila.

Military commanders and officers of the security areas at federal and state levels analyzed the objectives to be attacked in the state to continue dismantling outposts of criminal groups.

Before starting the meeting, Governor Salvador Jara Guerrero thanked the commanders of the military zones, located in Michoacan, for its rapid intervention to assist people affected by climate contingency last weekend.


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