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Note: Many of those directly provided by U.S. govt. either through aid packages, or BATFE (F&F) to drug gangs.
The AR15/M16 platform is omnipresent throughout Mexico.
From govt to drug cartels is often a very short trip.

Also of interest, but so far very little info, the weapons from Asia and Europe.
It has become very difficult to get good info on firearms and munitions recovered in the past couple years.

Have not been able to verify the current status of the Russian provided AK and ammunition manufacturing facility in Venezuela if it is actually in production.
It could be an ideal venue for providing sanitized AK103's to NGO's in the region.
Would AK's and ammunition to the cartels in Columbia and Mexico be on the Maduro agenda?

Left out of the article was the number of grenades recovered. Last report was about 10k.


70% of weapons seized from narco's in Mexico come from USA
Details Published on Tuesday February 24, 2015,
Written by Special / El Diario

Mexico, DF.

Most of the high-powered arsenal that is in our country is reserved for the exclusive use of the Army.

United States is the main supplier of weapons to drug trafficking in our country. At least seven of 10 weapons seized from the cartels in recent years out of US gun shops and came to Mexico through the border.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) confirmed this hypothesis from a detailed investigation and analysis of arms 8,540 firearms taken from organized crime groups, 447 of them in the last year.

In its Second Report, PGR revealed some of the details of these investigations made by the Specialized Investigation of Terrorism, Arms Stockpiling and Trafficking (UEITA) of the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) in coordination unit with the Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) of the United States.

"The scans have allowed us to know the trend of the type of weapon that is acquired and used by organized crime and identity of people involved in the smuggling of weapons from the United States to Mexico," the report said.

Many of the findings were not disclosed because they are part of the research, but the PGR confirmed that 70 percent come from the United States and the rest of Asia and Europe.

The SEIDO designed software to systematize data of the weapons arsenal, most of which are high power, thus facilitating traceability to the United States.

Just last week announced the capture of three people who sold weapons to cartels from the United States and entered Mexico through the border from Nogales, Sonora.

In Mexico and the United States it is presumed that the tunnels located in the border area, which are used for the smuggling of drugs and people north side, are also used for transferring money and arms in the opposite direction.

It is recalled that, at the time, the US administration launched the "Fast and Furious" with intent to trace the weapons coming out of the armories of the border and Mexico reached operational. The action failed after the trail of thousands of assault rifles went missing.

Two of the guns that were admitted intentionally to Mexico were used in the murder of Jaime Zapata, Service agent immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, for its acronym in English) in February 2011.

High power
PGR investigations show that the arsenal with which has organized crime is the same firepower than any elite police force in the world, and even equate to the armed forces.

Of the 8,450 weapons that have been secured, just over 70 percent are long guns and the rest are handguns. Of the 447 taken in the last year, 325 were long guns and 122 are handguns.

The classification made as to the guns shows that 48.9 percent are 7.62x39 caliber assault rifles as those used by AK-47 AKA the Goat Horn, while 22.8 percent are .223 caliber weapons, which correspond to the AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.


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