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Arizona, Mexico public safety officers hold rare meeting
January 6, 2016 @ 10:45 am

(AP Photo/Refugio Ruiz)
PHOENIX — In a rare meeting this week, the head of the Arizona Department of Public Safety met with his Mexican counterpart to discuss ways to combat the drug cartels.

"They both discussed ongoing efforts to combat violent transnational criminal organizations on both sides of the border," DPS spokesman Bart Graves said. "Of course, these criminal organizations' talk and trade is drug smuggling and sales."

Both leaders — Arizona DPS Director Colonel Frank Milstead and the secretary of public safety from the Mexican state of Sonora, Adolfo Garcia Morales — decided that working together is the only way to stop the criminal organizations.

"As a result, communities on both sides of the border can be made safer once these violent drug cartels can be crippled," Graves said.

Talks will continue between the two  agencies as they work to strengthen their partnership.

"Milstead and Garcia Morales agreed that by combining efforts through communication, education, intelligence and sharing all of those entities that great strides can be made to disrupt and dismantle these criminal syndicates," Graves said.


Arizona and Sonora agree on security agenda
Hermosillo, Sonora;
4 January 2016.-

It establishs a bilateral agenda for joint participation in safety between Sonora and Arizona, was the goal of the meeting between the Secretary of Public Security Adolfo Garcia Morales and the Director of the Department of Public Safety Arizona, Colonel Frank Milstead.

At the meeting were present, Natalia Rivera, Chief of the Office of the Government of Sonora, her counterpart Kirk Adams and JP Twist, Chief of Staff of the Governor of Arizona, John Ciscomani, Director of the Southern Arizona and Sonora Office; David Romero, Security Agent Arizona.

Kirk Adams, Chief, Office of the Governor of Arizona, publicly acknowledged the progress achieved by the Governor Claudia Pavlovich, for security in the last four months which he described as impressive.

In this first meeting between the two authorities, the commitment to work in coordination towards the safety of citizens of both states was established, and strengthen the intelligence work that allows information to combat crime.

The Public Security Secretary thanked Colonel Frank Milstead visiting Sonora and willing to collaborate with state authorities.   "We welcome you warmly in this meeting and we are in the position to receive and exchange information to allow us to work hard on security for the citizens of Sonora and Arizona," said Garcia Morales.

Meanwhile, Natalia Rivera mentioned that this meeting agenda of bilateral issues, which permit the recovery and build new items to compare conditions in both States.
During the meeting the commitment to share strategies and information as well as education and training to the security of both states was held, along with closer communication between the information centers of the two entities.

Adolfo Garcia Morales stressed the importance of sharing information of mutual interest on the  movements of delinquents in the border region, and share successful experiences in safety.
It was agreed to appoint officials who will work closely to exchange information and agreed to implement common strategies, because the states share extensive land area of the ​​border and problems in common, said the Secretary for Security.

Finally Colonel Frank Milstead, Director of the Department of Public Safety Arizona, said both states have mutual mission to protect families, friends and people, to try to prevent drugs from reaching the hands of children.   "What can we give immediately to the secretary, is our support in terms of training and education," he said.

The meeting was also attended by the Ministry of Public Security, Victor Felix, State Coordinator of Operations SSP;  Alonso Ulises Mendez, Commissioner PESP; David Anaya Cooley, Coordinator of C4 and Gilberto Gradias, General Coordinator of Technology and Research.


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