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A massive disarmament; from pistols to rocket launchers
In exchange for money, they have delivered nearly 22,000 pieces to exchange modules from 2012 to December 16, 2015

27/12/2015 8:07 GEORGINA OLSON
EXHIBITION. Sculptures made from weapons surrendered as part of the program of voluntary disarmament.
July 1

In three years of the program for your family, voluntary disarmament, the authorities have received 21,877 weapons at the exchange modules, including AK-47, AR-15, rocket launcher and even grenades, which are destroyed by members of the Secretariat National Defense.

"It was a program approach to nonviolence, coexistence, peace, and in specific areas such as Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauh-temoc Venustiano Carranza and people go almost massively to surrender their weapons" told Excelsior, Jorge Medellin contributor Por Tu Familia program, voluntary disarmament and responsible for their social networksDesarmeCDMX.

Medellin recalls that in late 2012, at the Iztapalapa delegation arrived rocket launchers, mortars shells of 60 and 81mm, automatic rifles and grenades.

It was precisely there, in Iztapalapa, where the need to initiate this program arose from the death of the child Hendrik Quaquas , 12, which occurred in November 2012- and who received a bullet in the head while in the a cinema room at Plaza Ermita, a stray bullet that caused his death.

Then the Ministry of Social Development of the Federal District, together with the local Public Security secretariats (SSPDF) and National Defense (SEDENA) launched this touring program that runs the 16 delegations each year, where people surrender their weapons in return for money and they are destroyed.

In counting this year until December 16, 5,433 guns, of these, 1,481 were rifles, 3,612 handguns, 335 grenades and five weapons classified as "other" were delivered.

In the last month, in which the exchange module started Cuauhtemoc, in the atrium of the Cathedral, received 364 rifles, 338 handguns, 115 grenades and 4,226 cartridges.


Those who have participated in the program from the beginning, like Medellin, have noted that each area of ​​the city has a different dynamic as far as weapons are concerned.

The delegations of the periphery, where there are very rooted festivities, some community members still have the habit of shooting into the air and used homemade weapons now delivered swap modules.

"They bring home-made weapons in delegations Milpa Alta, Xochimilco, Tlalpan, Cuajimalpa, that are manufactured using traditional methods, but some can shoot bullets .22 ... that by fortune is not a widespread phenomenon," said the interviewee .

When the module was in Tlalpan last September, 430 people handed weapons, among which were AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and machine guns Thompson, manufactured in the United States, and Uzi submachine guns, made in Israel.

While Cuauhtemoc they found that people gave several goat horns, a type of weapon that was never swap modules in other delegations of the city.


During December to Friday 18, the module was in the atrium of the Cathedral and there came Don Carlos Enrique, who came from San Vicente Chicoloapan, in the State of Mexico.

"I brought a Smith and Weston pistol, .38 special and gave me three thousand 500 pesos for it ... there is no ammunition for that gun, so I decided to sell it," he told this newspaper.

He bought it to protect his family, he told Don Carlos, because five years ago they reached the people who disrupted the peace of the community.

But other villagers this month in San Vicente Chicoloapan asked Don Carlos who swapped their weapons in Mexico City. "I brought as 20 weapons, the villagers gave to me because they are afraid to come by bus to the DF; I was brought rifles, shotguns, pistols shotguns ... they pay me seven thousand pesos, "he explained.


Medellin explained that although many people buy arms to defend their homes "and firmly believe they can fend off assaults are very few cases in which someone uses his weapon to protect your home from attack."

Thus, in order to fund the program for Your Family, Voluntary Disarmament "is that people who have guns throw it away, start building a society without violence. Possession of weapons is causing many problems: Fatal accidents at home or problems between neighbors "reflected Medellin.

They take money for Christmas gifts.

The main motivation for carrying arms trade module in December is to have money to buy Christmas gifts and watched by Excelsior at module Por Tu Familia Program, Voluntary Disarmament was in the atrium of the Cathedral this month.

"I came to bring my pistol .32 and I was paid three thousand 500 pesos ... I will use the money to buy toys and clothes for my son who is eight months," Saul, a young man of 25 who until recently was federal police officer.

Saul heard on the internet existence of the program and decided to take his gun. He bought it thinking about protecting his family, who live in Nezahualcoyotl, but now that there are children in the house, his nephews of two to five years and eight months your baby, it seems dangerous to have a gun.

"Children are very curious, and begin to see the gun and want to play with it ... and that worried me already," he said.

Saul, who left the federal police because almost had no time to spend with your family, think that the program "is good, because the truth is there are many guns on the street that should not be there."

The program began in 2012 at the initiative of the Ministry of Social Development of Mexico City, the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District and the Secretariat of National Defense.

In the same spirit, out of the house the weapon had to avoid jeopardizing their children from nine to 12 years, John took his rifle to the module, for which he paid seven thousand pesos.

"As the boys grow older, they have nine and 12 years, and for them the rifle looks like a toy; the nine years he has wanted to take and play with it, obviously has cartridges, but better safe, "said mechanic this newspaper.

Like Saul, Juan bought the gun to protect your home from a possible assault. Now that the holidays came "better decided to bring the rifle to the module ... I will use the money for Christmas and Three Kings Day."

They traded in a month, 115 grenades

It is the third of these explosives collected just in Cuauhtemoc.

Throughout 2015, through the Program For Your Family, voluntary disarmament, people have given 335 grenades, but the third of these, 115 were received during the last month in the module exchange in Cuauhtemoc, in the atrium of the cathedral.

On 15 December, were delivered in exchange module 20 weapons, of these 10 were grenades, according to Jorge Medellin contributor Por Tu Familia program, voluntary disarmament and responsible for their social networksDesarmeCDMX.

At one in the afternoon of Thursday, December 17, a young man with short cap, military boots, khaki trousers and cap, he brought to the module for conversion, a 60 mm mortar shell.

That kind of grenade, fired from a rocket launcher (mortar), may fall to four kilometers from where it was projected.

Among the 115 grenades that were in the program module For Your Family, Voluntary Disarmament in Cuauhtemoc, there were grenades of 40, 60 and 81 mm, as well as hand and smoke grenades ... and up to 10 landmines. (the 60 and 81mm are mortar shells)

Interviewed by Excelsior, the young man who carried a grenade on December 17, he said he learned of the program through the Internet and he was paid three thousand 500 pesos.

Asked what he thought of the program said, "Okay, to avoid risks in the house ... for that reason the suit, so they were not going to find the children."

When asked where he had bought, visibly nervous replied: "That I can not say." The young man about 23 years, also refused to respond to what worked.

A month and half ago was published in the Official Gazette that if a person is caught in the street with a cartridge magazine for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy or Air Force, is punishable by imprisonment of one to five years ago depending on the number of magazines.


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