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Note: AFGE is The American Federation of Government Employees. Local 2544 is the Tucson Border Patrol Local Union.

Candidate Endorsements

Local 2544 had no input and no notification that AFGE was going to endorse Hillary Clinton. We have long disagreed with many things that AFGE does. However, even though we are the largest local in District 12 we hold very little sway with AFGE at a national level because our numbers aren't big enough. We have historically used AFGE for next to nothing as far as running this local. We have our own attorneys, we do our own rep work, we finance our own operations and we are very well run and independent. We have largely just tolerated AFGE and their shenanigans because we have to and we have always realized that they are out of touch with most Border Patrol agents. They simply have never really cared. AFGE is mostly run by members from the VA, SSA and DoD. They are not a true "law enforcement" union. They have marched with our enemies and supported those we arrest with callousness and disregard for what we do for a living. We have often found it disgraceful and we have told them so.

All of the above is no different when it comes to endorsing a presidential candidate. We are fully aware that very few Border Patrol agents would vote for Hillary Clinton and we do not support this endorsement. AFGE didn't ask us. They do what they want.

We welcome your comments and we will pass every one of them on to AFGE. We also encourage you to look at the AFGE Facebook page and post your comments there. As always, we stand with OUR members and we will never be co-opted into AFGE's way of thinking or their political activities. We find many of their statements and positions disgraceful and we often fail to see what much of it has to do with a labor union that should stick to LABOR issues.

Lastly, we realize that AFGE has been a hindrance to our membership recruiting and retention for many years. We strive to provide top-notch representation and legal service for our members to overcome AFGE's negative effects. We will continue to do so.

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