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Note: Locals question how the stories don't quite match the large amount of resources deployed.

Sonoyta checkpoint closed, mega operation on both sides of the border
Details Published on Saturday January 30, 2016,
Written by Marco A. Manriquez / Marco Flores


A violent event took place causing the closing of the checkpoint at Sonoyta and implementing a mega operation on both sides of the border.

It was the knowledge that a woman resident of the said population, named Janice Arteaga, reported to a local media, members of the Federal Police who shot her vehicle in the windshield and side, while driving down the street Morelos and avenida Constitución, Colony Centro, as she was returning home from a taqueria.

The affected was driving a Chevrolet Yukon, when suddenly the feds, from several units fired repeatedly, without knowing the reason for the assault.

From early morning federal agents, supported by five helicopters and several ground units, made the surprise operation covering all the urban area and surrounding roads.

And also unofficially it became known that this surprise raid of the Federal Police was ordered directly from Mexico City, and there was no coordination with police authorities of the town, such as: PGR, Sedena, PESP and SSPM.

American authorities
Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE acronym) assisted the Mexican government in a cross-border operation near the Arizona border, as reported by the Associated Press.
In a publication he released the ICE spokesman Gillian M. Christensen said federal agents from the United States and Mexico, participated in an operation of detention in Sonoyta, Sonora, which borders Lukeville.
Christensen said ICE assisting the Mexican authorities in an operation that was intended to arrest members of organized crime that operate around Sonoyta, but had not released details about a possible arrest.


Surprise in Sonoyta mobilization of armored cars and helicopters
Arizona media gave some details of the actions.
Photo: Writing / GH

By: Editor ElImparcial | 01.30.2016 6:34

Sonoyta, Sonora (GH)
An operation involving five helicopters and armored vehicles, supposedly from the Federal Police, was held yesterday at the border, prompting surprise of local authorities and community.

Authorities said they were gunshots during the morning by alleged police officers against some vehicles were driven by people who had not stopped when ordered.

They indicated that the actions by police also allegedly participated in Arizona, who have carried out an operation on the US side.

The authorities in that municipality said they have no details, and objectives of the operation.
It had not reported armed clashes with these criminal groups by noon yesterday .

Although the authorities did not know the purpose of the deployment, they believe that it was a "strategic action" to dismantle any cell of organized crime.

They were concerned that civilians could leave affected by stray bullets, collisions result of chases or the nervousness of the citizens themselves.

Arizona media gave some details of actions and learned that US police forces were involved.

In Sonora, the Attorney General and the Ministry of Public Security they claimed to have no knowledge of the case.


Note: Perhaps this one?

PF IMPLEMENTS megaoperation
30 / Jan / 2016

Federal Police will launch this Saturday a security operation on the first long weekend of the year for the commemoration of the promulgation of the Constitution, with a display of 8,000 troops along the 49,000 kilometers federal highways in the country.

The subsidiary corporation of the National Security Committee reported that, within the action
begins and ends at midnight next Monday at midnight, they will also be installed at posts to
help and guidance to users of airport terminals, bus stations, ports, resorts and
border bridges.

The deployment of the PF comprises at least 3,000 units, including police cars, armored vehicles,
helicopters and ambulances and motorcycles distributed in each of the 32 state coordinators of the law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with the authorities of each state and civic groups.

The agents keep the belt operational, to ensure the use of seat belts, and Carousel, to promote respect for speed limits. Just like "Radar" to detect vehicles exceeding speed limits and "antiassaults" (?)
providing surveillance and security in areas of highest crime rates, with technological devices for inspecting
vehicles and identifying persons linked to activities

The National Safety Commission made available to the public the number 088 for receiving and handling complaints and denunciations.


30 / Jan / 2016
Nuevo Dia / Nogales, Sonora

A woman reported having been shot at in her truck during a raid that took place in Sonoyta, where federal agents and about fifty Mexican Border Patrol Agents, Arizona Public Security and the Department of Narcotics DEA participated.

The spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, Gillian Christensen, announced that it was a joint operation in the search for people with criminal organizations operating in the area, so got to meet some media that covered the event.

Yenise Arteaga Elenes, reported that during the movement had been attacked by gun fire, which occurred from a vehicle. The complainant showed her Chevrolet Yukon with holes, apparently caused by gunfire from Federal Agents.

It also stated that citizens of Sonoyta, saw several units, apparently armored, speeding through the streets of this border zone, which, they believe were conducted by DEA agents.

At least two helicopters were seen patrolling this part of the valley region but no detainees or the result of seizures of drugs or weapons were reported.


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