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Note: several articles of interest. Local and national.

Note: see also the article from Milenio on increased attacks by narcos in Mexico.

Border Patrol agent involved in shooting
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Officials with the U.S. Border Patrol Public Information Office have confirmed that one of their agents was involved in a shooting Monday morning and that a suspected immigrant was injured.

According to Border Patrol officials at approximately 10:45 a.m. Border Patrol agents working in a remote area east of Apache, Arizona were tracking suspects that had fled from a narcotics laden vehicle.

Initial reports indicate that an agent discharged his service issued sidearm during a struggle with one suspect who has been wounded. EMS and first responders provided emergency medical treatment to the suspect, who has been flown by life flight to an area hospital.

Carol Capas, spokeswoman for the Cochise County Sheriff's Office said her officers were advised of the shooting and discovered the incident took place off of mile post 410 and Highway 80 and was in Hildago County in New Mexico. Capas said the Hildago County Sheriff's Office has been advised of the incident.

The investigation is still ongoing and additional information will be provided when it becomes available.

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156% increase narco attacks against the Army
Details Published on Monday January 25, 2016,
Written by Millennium

Mexico DF.

In contrast, to 2015 complaints of alleged abuses and crimes committed by soldiers decreased.

The Army has registered 156 percent more assaults by members of drug trafficking and organized crime during the first three years of the current administration, which in the same period of the presidency of Felipe Calderon. The number of soldiers killed and wounded was also higher.

In contrast, during 2015 the number of complaints of alleged abuses and crimes committed by soldiers in the fight against crime decreased 63.5 percent compared to those documented in 2012, as evidenced by reports of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

From January 2013 to July 2015 military personnel has posted 924 attacks by criminal groups, leaving at least 57 dead of the Army and 281 wounded.

In 2013 482 attacks that killed 23 military personnel and 153 were wounded.

During 2014 there were 276 armed clashes with 17 dead and 82 injured; while until the first quarter of 2015 166 clashes that left 17 dead and 46 wounded troops.

In the first three years of Calderon's six-year period there were 361 attacks on the Army and Air Force, killing 40 soldiers killed and 176 wounded.

According to reports from the Department of Defense, in 2007, when the government declared war on the drug, there were 48 clashes with balance of 14 dead and 12 injured military.

For 2008 106 armed clashes that left 14 dead and 50 wounded were recorded; and in 2009 there were 207 attacks with 12 dead and 114 injured.

However, between 2010 and 2012 (second tranche of the past six years) 2000 133 attacks against military personnel that left 118 dead and 762 wounded soldiers were recorded.

Moreover, the Department of Defense Ministry has strengthened the culture of respect for human rights, which has led to a "substantial decrease" in complaints filed with the CNDH.

In 2012 1,044 complaints were reported, while in 2013 were 836 (reduction of 42.10 percent over the year); in 2014 were 570 (decrease of 60.52 percent) and between 1 January and 28 November totaling 527 (63.50 per cent).

From 1 December 2012 to last November 2,007 complaints to the National Human Rights Commission, of which 81 percent (1,625 ) were completed by the body and 19 percent (382) are in the pipeline.

National Defense said that 1,625 were concluded only 0.14 percent (two) were terminated by the corresponding recommendation has been issued.

In the same period, the CNDH has issued four recommendations, two of which are for events that occurred before December 1, 2012; two have been met and 51/2014 for the case Tlatlaya is in "compliance phase".
Based on this last recommendation, the Department of Defense acquired kits video cameras tactical helmet military personnel to record the anti-crime operations and other missions, as reported MILLENNIUM.

The purpose is to document "incidents" and "interactions" with the civilian population by the "intensive" use of cameras and military have evidence that respect human rights, as mandated in paragraph 18 E of the Manual of Use of Force , commonly applied to the three armed forces.

The ombudsman Raul Plascencia then requested "strict compliance" with the arrangement described in the manual in one of the 10 recommendations that sent General Salvador Cienfuegos, head of the Department of Defense, regarding the death of 22 civilians by shooting Tlatlaya Army, State of Mexico, the morning of June 30, 2014.


Chase and shootout between police officers and criminals
Details Published on Monday January 25 2016,
Written by Drafting
(lost link)

Elements of the Municipal Police were subjected to an attack with bullets by two men, after a chase that began when they were sighted on the boulevard San Carlos in the San Miguel, while traveling in a car in which They crashed on the peripheral East and they abandoned several packages with marijuana.
A consequence of the events no element of the Municipal Police was injured, however, the patrol was damaged with multiple gunshot wounds.
The facts were reported yesterday afternoon at approximately 19:15 hours (7:15 pm), when the officers involved in the chase requested support on the peripheral East, as they were the victim of armed aggression.
Before the wake-up call several police units were dedicated to the place and on the peripheral at the level of access Cerro La Pirinola, they found the agents and a Nissan car that was crashed into a hill of place next to the road.
In the scene transpired that agents first it marked the end to the two crew members of a Nissan, that on the Boulevard Saint-Charles, at the height of the Central Fire, which higher speed instead of stopping the vehicle.
Given the above start gave chase to the peripheral East which was taken by the crew of the speeding car, and in his attempt to escape in the driving unit driver lost control and then crashed into a hill.
The officers explained that after the impact, both subjects out of the vehicle and fled, making several gunshots, why they had to repel armed aggression, no injured.
Inside the vehicle, officers located several packages containing marijuana giving a total weight of 70 kilograms.


Public Safety care about La Mesa and La Choya
Details Published on Monday January 25 2016, Written by Drafting
(lost link)

Neighbors expose problems with public transport and gangs.
Residents of La Mesa and La Choya exposed a number of problems facing the public transport service, to the Municipal Police officers attending these sectors as part of the work of community outreach.

Residents of these two places, which are considered the most problematic developments of the city, asked the directors of the municipal police that an immediate solution to the problem of public transport is given, and increased presence of police officers in the area, as there a serious social decomposition in these areas.

"Do not take people with disabilities and those who drive units seem criminals," said one resident of the area, which also raised concerns about students who fail to take the routes due to the lack of awareness of operators stop provide the service before the established schedule.

Another detail that made themselves known to the police chiefs of the City Government is not complete urban transport routes, leaving drifting young people are exposed to suffer any assault or attack.

Meanwhile, the heads of the municipal corporation presented some solutions to the problem of transportation of the people who live there, in addition to expensive, is precarious.

Collect proposals from neighbors
In an effort to change the image and operation of the Municipal Police, following the proposal promoted by the mayor, Cuauhtemoc Galindo Delgado, in an effort to bring order in this matter, the police corporation heads weekly meetings in different neighborhoods of the city, where they have compiled many concerns.
Working with social and structural Nogales society leaders, managers and police unit responsible for the prevention of addictions held weekly talks and in coordination with neighboring execute actions against crime.

During the first hundred days of the new Government of the City, the results of the citizen project for justice are reflected in the decline in robberies and killings homes, insomuch that Nogales has been recognized by the State Government about the results of this work.

In one of these neighbors meetings of the Bureau and the Choya they proposed the head of Public Security, Fernando Fernández Portillo, to implement a fixed schedule for minors can walk in the streets, which was welcomed by the head police, but said it must be legally analyzed to avoid falling into legal contradictions.
Citizens told the heads of the corporation that will join efforts to make the new city government to crack down on crime, gangs and acts that go against the law.

Home, housewives said they no longer let their children out of their homes after ten in the evening, since they are exposed to being caught by policemen to be attacked by the gang.


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