Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fwd: Our 'border convoy' is coming to Arizona!

FYI May be of interest to several

Begin forwarded message:


Friends in Arizona,

Grassfire.com and LibertyNews.com are proud to announce we're the primary sponsors of the upcoming August 'Border Convoy.' The Border Convoy departs Murrieta, CA and ends in Laredo and Mission, TX. The convoy will go from August 1st through August 9th. You can get a full route schedule by clicking here. 

The Border Convoy, soon to be featured on Fox News, is set up with a purpose of supporting border patrol agents and citizen patrols along the border, calling for Americans to get more involved in stopping the invasion at the border, and launching a national PR/media campaign to raise awareness of how wide open our borders really are. 

Because you live in Arizona we would like to invite you to come on out and join us on the convoy. If you have an RV and want to camp, or if you have a car/SUV/MC and can do cheap hotels, this would be a great opportunity for you to join like-minded folks as we drive along the border during this campaign. 

There are already 25 vehicles registered to join us and we haven't even really officially announced in public. In fact, our Facebook page crossed 2,000 fans and it's only a few days old!

There is no cost to register (outside of your own travel and food costs) and free registration is not required. But those who register will be given daily schedules and will be included in the core real time contact list. 

The Grassfire/Liberty News vehicle will be leading the convoy and we would love to have you out there with us! Please click here to register to join on all or part of the convoy through Arizona. 


Also, we're spending significant money helping fund the convoy from Murrieta. If you can throw in a few bucks to help us with gas and food it would be greatly appreciated! We're also sponsoring the 24/7 live feed, a media RV and more while on the road. Click here to donate now. 

Thanks and we'll see you in Arizona!

More information about our border convoy can be found at BorderConvoy.com

-Eric Odom
Director of Interactive Media, Grassfire.com


P.S. This border convoy takes the Murrieta stand to the next level. Now America must follow Murrieta's lead and take a massive stand at the border. Click here to help us get this started. 

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