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AZMEX I3 11-4-14 (correct date)

AZMEX I3 11 APR 2014

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Calls CNDH to put a halt to the plight of migrants in Mexico
Organización Editorial Mexicana
April 10, 2014

Hugo Hernandez / El Sol de Mexico

. Ciudad de Mexico - It's time to put a stop to the plight suffered by the migrant population in our country; this imminent demand and priority issue by all the organs of the State and the Civil Society, considered the head of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Raúl Plascencia Villanueva.

The national ombudsman stressed the urgent need to implement more effective programs to end suffering vulnerability decides to migrate.

By participating in the forum "Migrant Person: Centre for Immigration Policy", organized by the CNDH and the Senate, the Plascencia Villanueva highlighted the complex and large proportions of the phenomenon in Mexico, where migration and internal displacement converge migration of external origin, transit and destination of return.

He said that the National Commission has recorded and reported promptly on the abuse that these people suffer not only for their immigration status but also to be abused by organized criminal groups that sometimes have had tolerance, acquiescence or participation of agents of the authorities immigration or police.

Before senators and deputies, civil servants of migration issues and foreign affairs, foreign diplomats, leaders of humanitarian organizations serving migrants and subject specialists who participated in the Forum, Plascencia Villanueva said are unacceptable abuse and indifference towards migrants .

Change of territory in search of better opportunities is a completely legitimate concern and should be a free choice and planned.

Given the multidimensional phenomenon, he said, a holistic view is required because it is influenced by demographic, labor, business, the environment and especially human rights factors, which can not and should not be tackled only from the perspective of public safety.

He said that those who decide to leave their place of origin are only seeking greater happiness, better quality of life, family reunification or protect themselves from violence, so it does not deserve to be treated as criminals, much less victimized by crime.

He added that the construction of a more just and equitable country demand eradicate any sign of rejection and discrimination by nationality, origin, color, creed, cultural expressions, language, social status or any other that represents an affront to human dignity.

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