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Note:  A interesting report from KSAZ Ch. 10 in Phx.
Probably most interesting is the quote in the video of 120,000 IA's picked up in 2012. 
A number worth looking into. 
Also mentioned "some fencing".

Is the border the most secure it's ever been?
Posted: Sep 11, 2013 9:25 PM MST
Updated: Sep 11, 2013 9:27 PM MST
By John Hook, FOX 10 News - bio

NOGALES, Ariz. -
As Congress debates a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration, many are demanding "secure the border first."

Five years ago I flew with Customs and Border Protection in a Blackhawk helicopter and witnessed chaos along the border.

While the situation has vastly improved, opinions are divided over why.

Arizona's 368 mile border with Mexico remains the most popular illegal gateway into the United States. More than half of all illegal crossings into the U.S. happen here.

But in the past few years, the numbers along the Arizona border have dropped significantly. When the economy tanked and jobs were scarce -- illegal entries declined.

In 2000, 616,000 illegal immigrants were intercepted trying to cross the border. Last year that number dropped to 120,000.

"I don't think it's any secret that the majority of these people are coming to work," said Jeffrey Self, Joint Field Commander.

Improved fencing has made a difference, especially around the populated ports of entry like Nogales. This is a section of the original fence built back in the 90s, the first serious attempt at a border fence. Still pretty sturdy but these posts are hollow. Compare that to the newer fence built a couple of years ago in 2011. This is steel filled with concrete and rebar -- almost impossible to cut through.

This warehouse in Nogales once held hundreds of illegals captured every day. Today, the cages are empty. Instead of people, they now house old furniture and computers.

While improved fencing and high tech surveillance have made it harder to cross, the determined still find a way. In this Nogales parking lot, in the shadow of the border fence, three tunnels were discovered and plugged this year.

"The callousness, the desperation of these criminal organizations they're using any means necessary to operate," said Brent Cagen, U.S. Border Protection.

And right across the street, another tunnel ran right into this building.
"When agents made these apprehensions there were more than 100 people inside."

The drug cartels are hardly standing down. On this day, at the Nogales port of entry, field agents busted a woman smuggling $85,000 worth of heroin in her crotch and bra.
"I noticed the passenger had abnormally large breasts," said a border agent.

Technology can never replace the trained eyes of agents.
"It's something that we see every day, 8 hours a day. And she just didn't seem right to me."

While the ports of entry are the most secure places on the border, people might be surprised to learn Mexicans, who have a B1-B2 visa can enter Arizona, go as far north as Tucson, and stay for up to 30 days.

The idea is keep people and commerce flowing.
"They live in Mexico they come over here to shop and go right back."

Border security on the honor system.
"We like to say about 98 percent of the people who come through here are legitimate travelers, so that shows you what our challenge is, to pinpoint those who are indeed up to no good."

As border security has improved, it's pushing drug smugglers and human traffickers into more remote, dangerous regions of the border.

That's where airplanes, helicopters and drones come into play. Eyes in the sky for the agents on the ground.

The aircraft moves where needed by the people in this room.
"We're taking our aircraft and putting them in position to help our people in the field make those interdictions."

But all the security and technology the government can muster will never stop the dream of a better life that waits on the other side of this fence.
"It does open your eyes to why people would choose to come to the United States," said Cagen. "Is there an immigration solution, I don't know. Is there a way to stop it completely I don't know. What I can tell you is that this has slowed it down significantly."

Along Arizona's 368-mile border with Mexico, 306 miles has some fencing.
The other 62 miles are in areas where the geography does not lend itself to a fence.

But as one source told me, fences, agents, technology aside, for those who are committed to coming to the U.S. -- 3 out of 4 -- eventually make it. One way or another.


Note:  A rare interdiction in this area. 

Shots fired at border, marijuana recovered
By Trisha Maldonado
Douglas Dispatch
Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 11:47 AM MDT

U.S. Border Patrol agents rammed a drug smuggling vehicle near Airport Road on Wednesday night, Sept. 4.
According to a press release issued by the Customs and Border Protection, responding agents witnessed a truck traveling southbound towards the international border fence.

At some point the truck collided with a Border Patrol vehicle on Border Road and came to a stop.
During the arrest the driver resisted and an agent's firearm was discharged.
No one was struck by the round and the driver, who is not being identified, was taken into custody without further incident, the press release states.

It was later determined that the truck had been reported stolen and contained over 2,200 pounds of marijuana and carried a street value of $1.1 million dollars.

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office and the FBI were both notified of the incident. No further information is available at this time. 


Note:  Don't see many of these interdictions anymore.   Sonora.  

Military hits the narcos in the region
Details Published on Wednesday September 11 2013, Written by Editorial Staff / The Journal

Authorities seize drug shipments valued at millions of dollars on the U.S. black market.

The National Defense Secretariat announced that during August it conducted operations seizing nearly six tons of marijuana and 82 kilograms of cocaine and the arrest of 19 people.
In a statement from the Department of Defense through the Commander of the 45 / a. Military Zone, said that these results were recorded during the period from 1 to 31 August this year.
Also notes that the Department of Defense was also the seizure of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana seeds, handguns and rifles, as well as several vehicles.
Similarly were located and destroyed 12 marijuana plots, with an area of ​​11,400 sq. meters,  and four airstrips.
The detainees, property, vehicles, weapons, drugs, antenna and repeater, were made ​​available to the appropriate authority.
Through these actions the National Defense Secretariat contributes to the efforts of the Government of the Republic to maintain the security of the country, confirming its commitment to safeguard the peace and tranquility of the citizenry.
We appreciate the cooperation of the public for their support in reporting illegal activities completely anonymous and confidential telephone numbers and email addresses: 45 / a. Military Zone (631) 3130-316, (631) 3521-252 and denuncia.45zm @


Note:  Typical of a non cartel associate, unaffiliated gansta,  a 9mm pistol and two rounds of ammunition.   The cartel associates still seem to have a good supply of ammunition.  

Capturan a sujeto armado con una '9'
Detalles Publicado el Lunes 09 de Septiembre de 2013, 
Escrito por Redacción / El Diario

Los Mochis, Sin.
Al ver a policías intentó huir y al ser alcanzado le encontraron el arma oculta entre sus ropas.
Luego de una persecución que no se prolongó por un largo trayecto, un empistolado fue capturado por elementos de la policía preventiva.
El detenido dijo llamarse Luis Martín Armentilla Alarcón, de 44 años, con domicilio en la colonia Insurgentes.
Los patrulleros consumaron su detención a las 02:30 horas de la madrugada de este sábado, informó Seguridad Pública.
De acuerdo a los datos, a la hora citada fue avistado por los guardianes del orden cuando caminaba por el boulevard Centenario y la calle Degollado, en la colonia Anáhuac.
Al notar la presencia de los oficiales intentó darse a la fuga a toda carrera, pero no llegó muy lejos ya que prontamente le dieron alcance y lo detuvieron.
Cuando le inquirieron sobre los motivos de su intento por huir, dijo que "traigo bronca", ante lo cual fue sometido a una minuciosa revisión.
En su poder le encontraron una pistola escuadra, calibre 9 milímetros, con dos cartuchos útiles en el cargador.
De inmediato lo remitieron a los separos preventivos, para posteriormente ser puesto a disposición del Ministerio Público de la Federación.


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