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Mexico proposes to the United States to review the Merida Initiative
Jesus Murillo Attorney Washington recognizes , however , that it is an "excellent instrument " of cooperation
10/09/2013 11:32 NOTIMEX / Photo: Special

Mexico proposes to the United States to review the Merida Initiative
WASHINGTON , September 10 . - The Attorney General of the Republic , Jesús Murillo Karam, announced Tuesday that the U.S. raised the need to review the implementation mechanisms of the Merida Initiative , but acknowledged it is an "excellent instrument " cooperation .

Murillo Karam, who spoke about the transformation of the judicial system of Mexico at the Woodrow Wilson Center , said that the greatest value of the Merida Initiative is to be a collaborative tool to enforce the rule of law and fight crime.

I think the enforcement mechanisms must be reviewed , must be cared for, have to be handled differently. But the purpose seems splendid , the intention is correct and the results can be much better, " he said. 

Murillo Karam said he made ​​the approach  in a " tangential " to U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, without obtaining a official specific response.

Mexican Attorney moreover rejected that the new Mexican government has opted for a system of " marginalization " to cooperation with American institutions such as the Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) .

"Collaboration is very welcome, we have not admitted is that it will supplement the local authority ," he said .

During his visit to Washington, Murillo Karam also met with the director of the National Office for the Control of White House Drug Control Policy (ONDCP ) , Gil Kerlikowske , and the head of the DEA , Michelle Leonhart . He also held meetings with representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) , DEA and Treasury Department .

During the meeting the day before, Holder reiterated his concern about the release of Rafael Caro Quintero , who was convicted for the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena Salazar , in 1985 , and said it will continue to work with Mexico to recapture him.

Murillo Karam said he took the opportunity to thank Holder the speed of delivery of the extradition request and reiterated that know the whereabouts of Caro Quintero , but actively work to find his location .

"Unfortunately at this time we do not know where he is, if we knew what would have happened, I have a warrant ," said the Mexican official at a press conference following his presentation .

In relation to Mexico's security strategy , the head of the PGR noted that it has been given to the gendarmerie a greater weight than does really have .

" Yes has a key strategic role . It is the securing of the territory. There are areas of the country that do not have a physical presence , it could become a problem of loss of rule of law , "he said . 

Assistant Attorney General Legal and International Affairs ,  Mariana Benitez Tiburcio  said at the press conference that the U.S. visit will open new areas of cooperation such as addiction prevention campaigns.

" We see a great window of opportunity to work together ," said the official.


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