Thursday, September 26, 2013



Note:  Wackenhut is contracted to bring IA's back to border.

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08/14/13 - 0000~2400hrs -21 Groups, 52 Bodies - Loadout on "Back 9" - Kino Springs, "problems" with IAs on Wackenhut Bus 

10 minutes of condensed audio  (click on link below)  Note change to MP3 audio format

Groups of:  1,5,1,8,3,1,1,1,3P,3,"911 Call",2,1,1,2P,1,4,5,3,5,1

(P= "46" Drug Packers, A= Armed individuals, U= UltraLight, LV= Load Vehicle, B=Bailout, FTY=Failure to Yield)

Significant Events in Audio:

-- There were MANY groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.

-- Note: excessive temperatures in the desert continue to result in multiple 911 distress calls from Illegal aliens 
             suffering from dehydration. The Border Patrol stated priority mission in the summer time is Search & Rescue,          with enforcement taking a secondary role.

--  Note: Continued monsoon storm conditions limit tracking/detection efforts -  Limited activity/participation by DHS  "High-Flyer" reconnaissance aircraft has been detected during the last week.    

-- 0800 - BP agents tracking a group of IAs on the Kino Springs Golf Course, east of Nogales, AZ
             - probable "loadout" on the "Back 9"
-- 1100 - BP agents tracking 3 "scouts" between the Middle Windmill and Tortuga Butte, NW of Three Points, AZ
-- 1200 - "911 call" - 5 IAs in distress south of the village of Topawa on the Tohono O'odham Reservation
-- 1800 - Wackenhut bus operator reports having "problems" with 5 IA passengers - supervisor dispatched 


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