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AZMEX EXTRA  27 SEP 2013  

AZMEX EXTRA  27 SEP 2013  

El Paso man sentenced to 15 years in prison in Sinaloa drug cartel gun-smuggling case
By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times
POSTED:   09/26/2013 12:09:52 AM MDT

An El Paso man was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in federal prison for his role in a gun-smuggling scheme that helped arm the Sinaloa drug cartel, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

U.S. District Judge Frank Montalvo sentenced Julio Adrian "Tato" Pesqueira Galaviz, 25, to the legal maximum for Pesqueira's leadership role in a ring that from July 2010 to May bought AK-47 rifles and other firearms in El Paso that were smuggled to Sinaloa cartel members in Mexico, officials said.

Court records showed Pesqueira was arrested Nov. 15.

On June 26, Pesqueira pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to make a false statement during a firearms purchase, false statement during a firearm purchase and conspiracy to transfer a firearm for the use in a violent or drug-trafficking crime. Officials said Pesqueira is the first of 11 defendants to be sentenced.


Note:  The Mexican and U.S. governments have deployed significant assets to take out the zetas.  

Take down 25 criminals operating against crime in Tamaulipas
Federal agents and state of the coordination group also reported that ensured a rocket launcher and 21 grenades
09/26/2013 20:34 Hector Gonzalez Antonio / Correspondent

Photo: File Cuartoscuro
CIUDAD VICTORIA , September 26 . - In Tamaulipas , results of the implementation of the Coordination Group operating through Mixed Operations Base (BOM ) resulted in the arrest of 25 people , securing weapons, including a rocket launcher and 21 grenades.

The afternoon of Thursday , the group which includes the bodies of state and federal safety , announced that these actions allowed the seizure of 38 rifles, 10 handguns, 316 chargers, 8,786 cartridges of various calibers .

Besides 42 vehicles , communication equipment 25 , 2,570 kilos of marijuana, 12 kilos of cocaine, one kilo of Crystal, 10,500 liters of gasoline stolen , 999,000 pesos and 92,500 dollars .

This during the week between 16 and 23 September, when they were arrested that number of alleged perpetrators of various crimes in border towns of this entity .

Of the 42 vehicles recovered , 20 were reported as stolen , ten of them in the United States and the others in Mexico .

Those arrested as suspects of various crimes , were turned over to agents of the Public Ministry of the state and federal courts , who determine their legal status.


Note:  Somehow our cartel friends haven't seemed to be affected by the ammunition shortages.  The average street thug might have 3 or 4 rounds for his piece.  

Man shot with 30 bullets
Body found in Costa Rica path with multiple wounds caps are Ak -47 rifle , 9mm and   .40  guns .

Projectile impacts CULIACÁN._ With bullets from a Ak -47 rifle and handguns of various calibers in various parts of his body was found the body of an unidentified individual , beside a road in the receivership of Costa Rica .

Authorities information indicates that the deceased is about 30-35 years old , slim , light brown skin and black hair , wearing a pair of shorts in black , wore a white shirt and white sneakers .

It was reported that because not carrying official documents was not possible to identify the victim.

The body was found around 8:40 pm yesterday beside a dirt road that connects the village with the road The Quemadito the receivership of Costa Rica .

The body was lying face up and naked eye liked him multiple projectile impacts firearm.

The Public Prosecutor became the place to attest the fact and rose from the crime scene a total of seven cases 9 and 40 mm caliber and 24 from a AK- 47 , which were integrated into the file of the investigation the murder.

The humanity of the unknown was taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities for practicarle the studies required by law and to be identified and claimed by relatives.

The person found shot to death has the following features :
Approximate age : 30 to 35 years
Build: slim
Complexion : light brown
Hair: black
Short: black color
Shirt : White
He wore
Tennis: white

The Public Prosecutor rose at the crime scene :
7 cases : 9 and 40 mm caliber
24 cases : AK -47 rifle


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