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Note:  mostly for locals.  
 Have heard that DHS now operates the aerostats in Sierra Vista and Yuma.   Another asset lost?

Man charged after cocaine-filled luggage seized
By Associated Press
Originally published: Aug 23, 2013 - 3:20 pm

DECATUR, Ill. -- Illinois authorities say a man allegedly transporting three suitcases containing cocaine from Arizona to Chicago has been arrested.

Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott says 42-year-old Enrique Vaughan-Montano was arrested on state narcotics-trafficking charges. Vaughan-Montano was traveling on a Greyhound bus that was pulled over Thursday at a rest stop when Decatur detectives engaged him in conversation.

The Herald and Review in Decatur reports Scott said Vaughn-Montana displayed ``numerous indicators of criminal activity.'' He said the detectives got the man's permission to search his luggage. The detectives discovered cocaine worth $1 million concealed in the suitcases' linings.

Authorities say Vaughan-Montana indicated a man in Yuma, Arizona gave him the luggage, promising him $1,000 when it was delivered in Chicago.

Vaughan-Montana is being held in lieu of $2.5 million bond.

Note:  About 45 miles NW of Cajeme

Posted August 23, 2013, 1:55 a.m.
Armed commando sowing panic and fear in Pótam
A group of heavily armed gunmen escaped noon on Thursday the town of Pótam, after they were discovered hiding in a house in the Indian community of Yaqui Tribe.
Although reported by neighbors they managed to flee police and military 

Martin Alberto Mendoza
Pótam, Sonora - Nuevo Dia

A group of heavily armed gunmen escaped noon on Thursday the town of Pótam, after they were discovered hiding in a house in the indigenous community of the Yaqui tribe, to which it mobilized dozens of police troops and the Mexican Army. 
It was about 12:00 pm, when residents of the town, belonging to the municipality of Guaymas, reported-telephone-that strangers had taken refuge in a house in the neighborhood "Merida".
According to reports, carrying rifles and pistols, so fearing that  they would unleash another attack as occurred last Tuesday, killing one person dead and another injured, called the 066 emergency number.
Thus, authorities in Ciudad Obregon, established communication with Pótam Municipal Police and officers denied that version.
However, elements of the State Police Investigating confirmed the species and called for support to corporations and obregonenses and was mobilized elements of the Federal Police, PEI, Public Safety State Army members 60 / Infantry Battalion, with headquarters in the town of Esperanza.
Due to the remoteness of the community that is located about 70 kilometers northwest of Cajeme, when the military police backup arrived, the subjects were not located, however they "combed" the entire town and surrounding area.
It was not immediately determined that strangers have attacked any of the inhabitants, othe than just sown panic and fear among the many ethnic families from the community that belongs to one of eight Yaqui villages 


With scholarships, police to be trained in U.S. in Washington
Details Published on Friday August 23, 2013,
Written by Cesar Barragan / El Diario
Nogales, Son.

The American Consulate to consider giving course on forgery detection.
Municipal Agents could have scholarships from the American Consulate to come to Washington to receive advanced placement in the detection of forged documents, said the councilor and head of the Public Safety Commission Cabildo, Yanula Orozco. 
The collegial said to have professional and trained elements in the field, the Public Safety Commission City Council has promoted and coordinated staff courses taught by U.S. consulate in this border.
He noted that such courses are taught in C4 facilities, which attract around 300 preventive elements, and several agents of the State Police Investigator, which have been successful, that benefits officers receive more knowledge and therefore the community, which will have a more prepared police.
He announced that staff receive training that currently only a select few receive grant from U.S. diplomatic officials to travel to Washington, DC and receive other training to improve their performance in the detection of false documents.
"The Commission is insisting police have better prepared, we want to continue these courses and workshops because it is an instruction of the Mayor and it is our duty to provide citizens with a prepared police force ," he said.
Finally the respondent announced that on August 29, the same U.S. consulate in this border teach a course for the teaching of oral trials, which will also include the Public Safety personnel.


Executed Cajeme person
Details Published on Friday August 23, 2013,
Written by Editorial Staff / El diario

A young man who allegedly being chased by two men, was shot to death outside a grocery store located in Colonia Benito Juárez better known as (Plano Oriente).
The body lay lifeless on the sidewalk outside the mentioned business called "Ladis", located on the street between Zaragoza and Obregon Revolucion in events recorded at about 17:10 pm yesterday.
Allegedly the victim by the name of Jesus Daniel Martinez Alvarez, 28 (A) El Pit and/or El Pink, who was domiciled in the  human settlement Ferrocarril alley where were the unfortunate events.
Coordinated police operations among the three levels of government, resulted in the arrest of at least one subject possibly involved in the events.
Expert Services secured in place several handgun shell casings for .40 caliber apparently.


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