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Note:  double talk in Spanish also.  

Caro Quintero can not be extradited to the U.S., says PGR ( Mexican Atty. Gen. )
The PGR does not know if U.S. extradition request was issued and drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, however, to consider a request as well, there should be different because of the process 
13/08/2013 17:11 Ivan Saldaña 

MEXICO CITY, August 13. - So far, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) unknown if the U.S. extradition request was issued for drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, however, to consider a request as well, there should be cause other than this process.

Furthermore, the decision to name "narco of narcos" has not been enforceable, so it has ten days to appeal to a legal remedy to reverse the judgment of the same, said the Attorney General's Office, Jesús Murillo Karam.

Extradition order would have to be a cause other than that is in process, because there is a question that I have said caused the judgment has not enforceable, therefore we can not say yet if convicted, "he said.

For now, Jesus Murillo Karam said the PGR and prepares the appeal to reverse the decision before the term ends. Besides the case will be analyzed in detail.

Without pointing to other cases such as Caro Quintero, a matter of concern other cases that are in the same conditions of drug trafficker which only said "many".

Attorney General participated this afternoon in the Seminar on Violence in Mexico, where he added the needed reform in Mexico adversarial system to be governed under a single procedure code. To have him, be corrected release cases like Rafael Caro Quintero.

One of the first approaches that we are doing for the new system is the creation of a Single Procedure Code, if today we had it would not have been able to give this output, because whoever had competition, it would have to be regulated by the same rules and judgment would all totally valid, "he said.


Note:  More than a few from Sinaloa have met their end around this area in past few months.   On the AZMEX border, just south of Lukeville, a very popular crossing on way to rocky point.  

Sinaloense riddled in Sonoyta
Details Published on Sunday August 11, 2013, Written by Editorial Staff / The Journal


A native of Sinaloa was shot yesterday morning when he got home  located in Colonia Loma Bonita,  met by a group of subjects  to carry out the violent act. 

According to state police reports Researcher, the victim was identified as Manuel Castro Rojo, 37-year-old, who was originally from Guamúchil, Sinaloa and was domiciled in this population, in the place where the incident occurred.
It was at 03:00 that the authorities were notified of a shooting that had occurred in the colonia Loma Bonita. Where had been seriously injured one person.
 According to preliminary investigations conducted by members of the PEI, the incident occurred when the now deceased was coming to his home on board a Jeep Cherokee, 2000 model, white, with Sinaloa state plates.
At the scene, the victim was met by several individuals, who shot him repeatedly with different guns, and absconded.
Castro Rojo was transferred, still alive, aboard a Red Cross unit to the Health Center of this population, he ceased to exist minutes later, while receiving medical attention.
The Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction went to the scene and ordered the vehicle of the now deceased seized, as had several impacts caused by firearm projectiles.
Inside the vehicle secured a firearm 9mm, with its own magazine, supplied with seven rounds of ammunition, as well as a plastic bag containing cocaine with 11 wrappers.
Likewise, Expert Services staff of the Attorney General of the State found several shell casings from long and short arms. 
The Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction testified to the facts and ordered the lifting and transfer of the body to carry out procedures of law.


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