Thursday, August 15, 2013

AZMEX I3 12-8-13

AZMEX I3  12 AUG 2013

So-Called "Dream 9″ Open Floodgates for Thousands More

The word is out. Show up at the POE and say that you have a "credible fear" of persecution from the drug cartels in Mexico. You are then allowed to enter the country and you are released or put up in a hotel room. There is no way to disprove bogus initial claims of "credible fear" for asylum requests. You simply take their word for it unless they break to lying about it, and of course, as many decades of real-life experience tells us, they would never lie to us.

With another massive amnesty on the horizon the goal is just to get inside the country, and this is a much easier, safer and cheaper way to do it than paying thousands to a coyote and walking for miles. Once inside, as we all know, 9 out of 10 will never show up for their hearing. They will simply disappear and wait for the next amnesty program.

And the penalty for lying about bogus "credible fear" claims? Nothing. There is no penalty. All that would ever happen is that the claim would ultimately be denied. But when the ultimate goal is waiting on the politicians to pass more amnesty bills the illegal aliens don't give one whit about the resolution of their asylum claim. They just want to get here and wait. They all know that once inside the country they can be arrested for multiple DUIs and assorted other criminal acts and never be deported. Because once here, they become "dreamers", or "facts on the ground", or "undocumented Americans", or some other class of "victim".

The quest for cheap labor and Democrat voters continues unabated…


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