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Note:  The Congressional oversight committee(s) should put pressure on Mex. govt. for make model and s/n of each of those firearms.  Then compare with those delivered via U.S. aid packages and BATFE.  (Extensive paper trail with aid packages)   Check also the UN Registry.  NICS also.  Unbelievable number of investigations if number of weapons and murders is anywhere near correct.    Spain?  

Should also be more than a few stolen firearms show up.  
If memory serves, a few months ago the Mex. Army said it had recovered 10,000 grenades in 2012.  

PGR seized during the six years of Calderon's term 61,193 weapons
El Universal | 25/08/2013 | 12:42 

The Federal District Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that weapons seized were 61,193, of which 36,623 are handguns and 24,570 long guns, during the administration of former President Felipe Calderon, December 2006 to December 2012.

The information was provided in compliance with a resolution of the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI), and as part of it seized 5,090 grenades, 19 rocket launchers, 237 grenade launchers, 2 missile launchers, 5,429,763 cartridges and 84,405 unspecified artifacts.

The PGR said that most of the seized weapons come from the U.S., Spain and China, and that during this period were recorded 1,327 preliminary investigations, for possession of a firearm for use by the Army, Navy and Air Force, in which 1,536  people were involved.

Initially in response to a request for information, the PGR provided to a citizen four frames with different breakdowns of information related to the seizure of arms from 2006 to 2012.  

But the citizen expressed his disagreement and filed a petition for review before the IFAI, which required that he deliver a unified figures report, because in those pictures was impossible to establish which was the official information of the institution.

Said the agency also failed to deliver on the number of preliminary investigations and appropriated for possession and / or sale of weapons for use by the Army, and the number of people involved in them.

In arguments, PGR reiterated it's answer and said that they gave the information in their files.

After analysis, the IFAI warned that PGR did not follow fully the search procedure established in the Federal Law of Transparency because they did not turn over the request to all its administrative units, such as the Directorate General of Registration Control and Coordination Ministerial Assurances Planning, Development and Institutional Innovation.

Therefore, the House of IFAI determined to revoke the PGR response and instructed a new search to report to total particular weapons seized December 2006 to December 2012, as will work in it's files.

So in compliance with these instructions, the attorney provided to the individual file with long weapons seized, the preliminary and the number of people involved in those events.


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