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Note:  As usual no details on weapons or grenades recovered.  

Seized a rocket launcher and arsenal at home
Details Published on Tuesday August 6, 2013,
Written by Editor /
El Diario 
Culiacán, Sin

A house was secured by the authorities after a shootout last Saturday.

Rifles, a rocket, and hundreds of cartridges were seized after the confrontation occurred during the morning of Saturday in the colonies Vallado and Francisco Villa, against the Mexican Army and in which three civilians were killed.
All the weapons as prisoners found inside the home, located in  Ohuira street, without number, in the colony Vallado Nuevo, were turned over yesterday to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry.
Inside the building found approximately 29 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Weapons seized:
Recorded are 11 long guns, 6 handguns, a rocket launcher, a rocket, 5 vehicles, including one armored, besides the two incinerated and 13,561 rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

  They were also found, 20 magazines cal. 5.7x28;  24 magazines of 223;  23 magazines of cal. 7.62x51; 11 magazines. 57x28(?);  12 magazines cal. 7.62x39;  3 magazins of  9mm; 1 magazine for barret rifle, 3 magazines of 38 super; 1 magazine of cal. 45, 1 magazine of cal.22; and 20 grenades.

Officials said a preliminary investigation began on charges of violation of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, as well as crimes against health, damage, injury and attempted murder against whoever is responsible,  of the detainees.


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