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Note:  Armed citizens fighting back a nightmare for corrupt governments and criminal gangs.  Bottom line always about power.

Reject legalizing AUC
They warn that they are just "illegal armed civilian groups" who commit crimes

MEXICO (UNIV). _ Self-defense groups are not the "community advocates who they claim" but are "illegal armed civilian groups" who commit crimes and operate outside the law, said the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice. Jose Antonio Ortega, president of the Council, said that these groups besides committing "grave crimes" in Guerrero and Michoacan, violate laws and usurp public office. "Self-defense groups and false police who call themselves community flagrantly violate the law of arms and explosives, police usurp functions and use violence to intimidate peaceful people," said Antonio Ortega "For example, there have been groups in order to prevent weapons by the mining operation, which act in a legal manner. " The case of Colombia
 During the video presentation "The Threat of the AUC" Ortega said it is necessary that authorities not allow the establishment of these groups, because otherwise you run the risk of occurrence of the same context Colombia. "According to the universal experience tolerance armed groups outside the state, leading to an unstoppable whirlwind of violence and destruction. 
The most recent example is that of Colombia near," he said. "In this country with a population of less than half that of Mexico, in the last 30 years have been

 killed more than 600,000 people, mostly at the hands of illegal groups of armed civilians, whether they be bands of assassins drug traffickers, guerrillas or self-defense groups. 

This country has only been able to go out of the nightmare of violence to the extent that the State has failed to tolerate illegal armed civilian groups ". Self-defense groups have arisen in states where the authorities are "weak". "The paramilitaries have appeared in Mexico in areas where the state is weak and effective power they have from criminal groups. 

Precisely why it is extremely irresponsible response to the self-defense have governments of Michoacan and Guerrero, as well as the Government federal headed by President Enrique Peña "he said. There may be more
 If the government legalizes these groups, the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, warned that "become policemen members of groups that have committed crimes equivalent to reward and encourage arising more groups waiting to be equally rewarded for their violent abuse. "


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