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Note: of interest to locals mostly, incidents south of AZ/SON line.
Question of relevance is who's coke was it? computer english, sorry

Mega blow to narcos, take 572 kilos of 'coca'
Details Published on Saturday February 2, 2013, Written by
Editorial / The Journal

Army elements located in SLRC retainer valuable cargo of narcotics.

More than half a ton of cocaine was seized at a military check point
on board a truck carrying boxes tract tomato puree.
The National Defense Secretariat, through a statement said on 31
January this year, troops of the 45 / a. Military Zone Military post
established in the Security located in the municipality of San Luis
Rio Colorado, performed a routine to a tractor, locating within the

• 512 packages of cocaine weighing about 572 kilos 610 grams.
• 4 packages of heroin weighing about 4 kilos 720 grams.
The drug packages come in a foil pouch and were hidden in boxes
containing tomato puree.
By this fact stopped the driver of the truck, which was made
available to the relevant authorities, the vehicle and the drug seized.
The National Defense Secretariat contributes to the safety of the
country for the benefit of Mexican society, emphasizing that all
activities undertaken by military personnel are founded in law, with
full respect for human rights.

Note: two on same incident

Hitman dies in chase Caborca
Details Category: POLICE
Written by Editorial
Along with another passenger were involved in shooting at soldiers
and patrol clashed with military

As a result of persecution during the early Friday between gunmen and
soldiers, there was a fatal accident where a gunman was killed,
another was wounded three soldiers and several injuries.

The chase and shooting began on 8th Street and Avenue "J" around 2:00
pm, culminating in the crash of two vehicles on 11th Street and
Avenue "L" against a casino for social events. The brutal encounter
killed instantly a subject which was unofficially identified as Luis
Rene Mendez Rivera, established on Main Street between Pimas and
Yaquis in San Diego in Pitiquito fractionation Sonora.

The other guy who was injured by the name of José Galindo April, 35-
year-old native of Agua Prieta, which had pain in the leg and chest,
and was taken under heavy security to the General Hospital of Caborca.

The soldiers were injured, the driver and co-driver Jorge name
Gerardo Valdez Retana, 23 year old Jorge Alberto Vázquez Ruiz, 25
years old, both taken to the IMSS of this city by paramedics of the
Mexican Red Cross.

Inside the vehicle the gunmen seized a military AR-15 rifle, a
grenade launcher and a pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

The vehicle that addressed two armed is Nissan brand, red, 2000
model, where firefighters and paramedics took the injured subject,
leaving lifeless inside the other person, recording total material
losses in the van.

While the military vehicle is the Chevrolet brand, model 2009, which
was completely destroyed.

Military police chase kills one in Caborca
Persecution military kills one in Caborca
Written by Grupo AM
(The Pearl of the Desert)

Caborca, Sonora. A chase that ended in a fatal accident occurred
early this February 1 when Mexican Army chasing a suspicious vehicle
on 11th Street westbound which crashed into a meeting room where a
person was killed and ensured some firearms.

A Nissan Xterra SUV, red, late-model, which was pursued by a military
convoy impact against SNTE ballroom, where the driver lost his life
due to the strong collision, it was identified as Rene Rivera Luis
Mendez, residing at Pitiquito, while his companion José Luis Galindo
April was virtually unscathed.

The facts and recorded promptly at 2:00 am on Friday February 1, when
the van was speeding pursued by elements of 22 Regiment Motorized
Cavalry, both vehicles impinging against the house, attended by
relief agencies to provide first aid, where firearms were found
inside the vehicle.

An AR15 rifle with grenade launcher attachment, and two handguns, a 9
mm caliber and a .45-caliber and several rounds of ammunition for
such weapons were found at the truck the passengers being chased.

When arriving place the Federal Public Prosecutor who testified to
the facts, the same who ordered the removal of the body and the arms
to start the corresponding law.

PITIQUITO shootout (EXLUSIVA breaking)
Thursday, January 31, 2013
Pitiquito shootout just now

* More exclusive pictures at / laperladeldesierto

By: Rafael Leon Pineda "chicken police"
Caborca, Sonora. A shootout occurred at 21:30 pm on Thursday in the
town of Pitiquito, Sonora, where the Mexican Army that fought against
members of organized crime, beginning a strong shooting near the road
leading to the landfill of that population.

Elements of the various corporations came to support the call, where
they met some vehicles, including a truck Nitro, gray, newer model
with plates from the neighboring state of Baja California.

Elements of the State Police and Municipal Police Investigating
Pitiquito are in the area waiting for the authorities arrive to
attest the facts.

It was unclear if there were casualties in the clash of some of the
two sides.

We are waiting for official information timely to make it known.

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