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Note: under new PRI government the disarmament of the sheep/victims
is accelerated.
This in central MX. mostly computer english.

They exchanged three thousand weapons in various delegations
Apart from Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Tláhuac, the days of
despístolización be conducted in the rest of the boundaries of the City
Kenya Ramirez

02/02/2013 02:57

292 firearms have been insured for at Tláhuac despistolización
Despistolización ended in Iztapalapa and start in Tláhuac
633 guns exchanged despistolización of Gustavo A. Timber

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 2. - As part of the "For your family, voluntary
disarmament", the city government has received three thousand weapons
exchanged for groceries, household items and even computers.

The days of despistolización began last month in Iztapalapa and
Gustavo A. Tláhuac Madero, and will continue in the rest of the
boundaries with the participation of the secretariats of the City
Public Security (SSP-DF) and Social Development, responsible for
promoting the program in the colonies to raise awareness about the
risk of weapons Fire at home.

By going to the report of the first 100 days in office of Elizabeth
Mateos, delegated Iztacalco, Miguel Angel Mancera, head of city
government, said shortly apply this and other programs, such as
"colony Decisions", in that prefecture.

"We have reached three thousand weapons in the voluntary disarmament,
three thousand thanks to the response of the public, thanks to the
participation of the people. We can build citizenship, communication
links that will identify us.

"Shortly we will be asking Iztacalco also help us with the" Your city
needs you, "because that's what the city needs, participation. We
will call and I'm sure there will be a very good response, "said the
president, after asking for a moment of silence for those killed in
the explosion in a building of Pemex.

Until a few weeks ago, the SSP-DF reported that in less than 19 days,
as part of the disarmament, delivered seven laptops, 629 tablets, 160
bicycles, 796 thousand pantries and three million 774 thousand 650

During his report, Mateos took to mean that benefits would
materialize demarcations to DF Political Reform.

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