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Note: Depending outcome of July election, coming to Mexico next?

Published: 03/29/2012 10:32 By: SUN
Mexican police very infiltrated by narco: US

The state and municipal police in Mexico are heavily infiltrated by
organized crime, said Thursday the U.S. undersecretary of state for
international narcotics trafficking, William Brownfield.

In an awards committee hearing of the House, William Brownfield said
the state and local police give the perception that they are part of
the problem not the solution, but said that in terms of "the federal
forces have overcome that," .

Brownfield progress attributed to the emphasis that U.S. cooperation
through the Merida Initiative has been training and debugging of the
federal forces during the past three years and began a period in 2011
to train more state and local agents .

Response to a question from Rep. Adam B. Schiff on the killing of
five policemen on Wednesday night in Ciudad Juarez, a day after they
left the hotel where they stayed for protection since last month,
Brownfield said that intimidation is "obviously a lot of the problem."

Army to Disarm Mocorito Municipal Police and the 'encuartela'
The Army disarmed and moved to barracks in Guamúchil all Mocorito
municipal police, including the director of the force, official
sources confirmed
Northwest / Writing
03.29.2012 | 10:02 a.m.

Guamuchil. - The Army disarmed and moved to barracks in Guamúchil all
Mocorito municipal police, including the director of the force,
official sources confirmed.

The officers of all mocoritenses receiverships were informed that
they had to report to the municipal police headquarters in the county

The soldiers lready in place, the officers were disarmed and boarded
trucks for movement to Guamuchil, the military headquarters.

The director of the force, Manuel Tavarez, left in his own vehicle,
guarded by soldiers.

Pirtleville man arrested in shooting
By Trisha Maldonado
& Bruce Whetten
Douglas Dispatch
Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:00 PM MDT

A Pirtleville man has been arrested on charges of endangerment,
aggravated assault and disorderly conduct with a weapon following an
altercation Saturday night in Douglas.

Officers from the Douglas Police Department secure the scene
following a shooting incident that began on International Ave. and
ended at the intersection of First Street and B Ave Saturday night. A
Pirtleville man has been arrested in the incident. Trisha Maldonado/
Douglas Dispatch

According to Sgt. Mark Wilkinson of the Douglas Police Dept. shortly
after 6 p.m. Douglas Police Officers responded to the 900 Block of
International Ave. reference shots fired.
Upon arrival officers discovered there had been a physical
altercation at the residence involving a weapon.

The investigation revealed two males arrived at the residence in a
Jeep Cherokee; one of them armed with a firearm. When the armed man
confronted one of the residents, a fight ensued just outside the
home. During the struggle, a shot was fired missing the victim later
identified as Ismael Laprada.

A chase ensued resulting in the 2005 Black Hummer crashing into the
Jeep Cherokee near the intersection of First and B Ave. Despite being
damaged the Cherokee managed to leave the scene while the Hummer
remained at the scene.

Laprada was later transported to the South Eastern Arizona Medical
Center where he received medical attention for his injuries from the

Sgt. Wilkinson said Douglas Police detectives later identified one of
the suspects as Erick Parra, 32, of Pirtleville. The second suspect
has been identified and his arrest is pending, Wilkinson said.

On Thursday night, March 22, officers from Immigration Custom
Enforcement (I.C.E.) and the Douglas Police Department executed a
search warrant in the 900 block of Seventh Street. The S.W.A.T. team
from the Cochise County Sheriff's Office assisted in the execution of
the search warrant. Upon entering the residence officers found 164
pounds of marijuana.

I.C.E. Public Information Officer Amber Cargile said no arrests have
been made and the investigation is continuing.

Note: Two guys carrying 310 lbs,??

Pot estimated at $293,000 seized
March 28, 2012 6:27 PM
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Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents seized nearly 600 pounds of
marijuana valued at $293,000 in three incidents Tuesday.

According to Agent Spencer Tippets of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs
Office, Wellton Station agents patrolling south of Gila Bend detected
two sets of footprints traveling through the desert.

Agents caught up to two suspects who were carrying a combined 310
pounds of marijuana. Tippets said the suspects, both Mexican
nationals, were apprehended and processed for removal. The seized
marijuana was valued at $155,000.

In the second incident, Wellton Station agents assigned to Camp Grip,
Yuma Sector's forward operating base, seized two bundles of abandoned
marijuana weighing 66 pounds and valued at $33,000.

Tippets said the bundles were first spotted from a helicopter by an
Air Interdiction agent. A search of the area turned up no suspects.

While there was no way of knowing how long the bundles had been
there, Tippets said, since there was a helicopter involved, it would
have been easier to locate any suspects had there been any still in
the area.

In the third incident, Yuma Station agents patrolling near County
12th Street and the Colorado River observed three individuals
carrying large backpacks.

"The agents were so quick in responding to the area," Tippets said,
"as soon as (the drug smugglers) realized agents were headed their
way, they dropped their backpacks and split" back to Mexico.

Tippets said agents secured the area and discovered the backpacks
were filled with 211 pounds of marijuana worth $105,000.

Read more:

2 men arrested in Phoenix murder-for-hire case
by Martha Maurer/KTAR and Associated Press
(March 28th, 2012 @ 2:10pm) Policy >>

PHOENIX - Two men are in custody and Phoenix police say they're
searching for a third suspect in connection with an alleged murder-
for-hire plot.

Phoenix police say 19-year-old Javier Angel Aguayo is being held on
suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault,
stalking and drug charges.

"It was a road rage incident in which Aguayo pointed a gun at the
victim," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson. "Aguayo then
conspired with the other individuals to kill her."

They say 19-year-old Ricco Susanno Monge is being held on suspicion
of aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Police say they're still looking for 20-year-old Jeremie Jose

They say a woman was shot and wounded on Feb. 16 and told authorities
that she knew her attacker. According to Thompson, Aguayo fired at
the woman numerous times and actually hit her five times.

"It's safe to say that this is a rare case that you would have a
suspect go to such length to track down and actually plan an
assassination," he said.

At the time of the shooting, police say the woman was set to testify
in an aggravated-assault trial in which Aguayo was the defendant.
Authorities say Aguayo faced up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Five Juárez police officers killed at party (updated)
By Lourdes Cardenas / El Paso Times
Posted: 03/29/2012 08:54:05 AM MDT

Five Juárez police officers, including a police commander, were shot
and killed at a party Wednesday night -- the deadliest attack on
police officers so far this year. (Special to the Times)

USA Today: On border, peaceful US side torn by Mexican strife
Five Juárez police officers, including a police commander, were shot
and killed at a party Wednesday night -- the deadliest attack on
police officers so far this year.
Officials said gunmen burst into a party and gunned down the officers
about 8:15, said Juárez police spokesman Adrian Sanchez Contreras.
Two other officers were wounded and were listed in serious condition,
officials said late Wednesday.
"They are working right now in an operation in the entire city to
find those responsible," Sanchez Contreras said.
None of the victims were identified Wednesday night.

A police spokesman said that about 18 police officers have been
killed in Juárez this year.
The incident on Wednesday night was believed to be the single
deadliest attack on law enforcement in Juárez since a car bomb
exploded in downtown in 2010.

Earlier this month, Juárez Police Chief Julián Leyzaola said police
will not be intimidated by violent attacks against police officers.
"Those who might think that police officers are going to back off or
quit their jobs are wrong," Leyzaola said in a written statement.
"We are going to double up our job to serve and protect the people of
Juárez," Leyzaola added.
Sixty-five Juárez police officers had been slain since October 2010.

In January, several narco-banners were place in the city accusing
Leyzaola of favoring one of the drug cartels over the other and
threatening to kill a police officer each day.

Eight officers were killed in various street shootings before police
took shelter in heavily guarded hotels. Authorities also began
allowing officers to take their firearms home with them off-duty.
Some police had claimed they were sitting ducks because they had not
been allowed to take their weapons home with them.

Leyzaola had said in January that the threats against police officers
had been coming from the New Juárez Cartel.
The New Juárez Cartel was first mentioned in banners that appeared in
September after Mexican authorities had arrested the alleged leaders
of La Linea organization.
The attacks on police officers are a continuation of the brutal
violence that has a firm grip on the city of 1.3 million. The city
has suffered a drug cartel war that has claimed the lives of about
9,400 people since hostilities began between the Juárez and the
Sinaloa drug cartels. They are fighting for power and control of
lucrative drug routes into the United States.

Lourdes Cardenas may be reached at;
9150546-6249. Times reporter Daniel Borunda contributed to this report.

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